Posted on December 16, 2023

Who Is Dreaming of a Non-White Christmas?

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 16, 2023

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An employee of color made the mistake. Democratic Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, an Asian, threw a “Holiday Party” for “Electeds of Color” on the city council. Denise DosSantos, her black assistant, accidentally sent invitations to the entire city council. The mayor said sending the email to white city councilmen was an “honest mistake” and rejoiced that the city is a place where “different communities” come together.

The story has been popular on conservative sites, with complaints about the mayor’s “racism.” But it can’t be racism. Racism is officially “prejudice plus power,” and since only whites have power, non-whites can never be racists. This is, of course nonsense, but why even argue with “progressives” over one of their invented words?

I give the mayor credit. She denied the party was offensive, and said it was a way to celebrate “identity, culture, and heritage.” She says there is a long tradition of “Electeds of Color” parties. Then how about a party for “electeds of no color”? Whites are a minority in the city, like everyone else. Of course, white identity and probably even unhyphenated American identity are “banned in Boston,” but that’s our failure, not Mayor Wu’s.

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu (red dress). (Credit Image: © Keiko Hiromi/AFLO via ZUMA Press)

What does the mayor’s white husband think about this? Is he invited? (“Woke” women of color often rail against white racism but settle down with a white guy.) He’s probably happy with the party. Like so many whites, he would find it bizarre to celebrate white identity, because he probably has no identity.

White self-erasure is especially strange, as America devolves ever further into tribalism and segregation. Universities hold segregated graduation ceremonies in both Canada and the United States. Schools separate students by race; this is spearheaded by “woke” leftists. Top companies get media approval when they pledge to hire more blacks. Palantir recently offered 180 jobs to Jewish students worried about campus anti-Semitism; no such offers to gentile whites. Being a BIPOC is the basic job description for many well-paid people including, perhaps, some college presidents.

The Brown v. Board of Education decision that ended segregated schools was not a legal decision. It was based on fuzzy claims that segregation hurt the feelings of blacks. Now some of our leading schools are creeping back towards segregation and even Afrocentrism. That may be best. They claim teachers should be the same race as students. I agree. A healthy race likes to be among its own kind. But for whites, that’s “hate.” This is not a double standard; it’s a consistent anti-white standard.

White conservatives seem to be the only people in the country who believe the propaganda about the so-called civil rights movement. Every year they embarrass themselves by saying Martin Luther King, Jr. would agree with them on merit rather than race — and every year, his children laugh at them. Conservatives are like the victims of a con artist who insist the scheme was genuine even after the criminal has been arrested, convicted, and sent to prison. Conservatives who want an end to “identity politics,” deny reality — like a husband who insists his adulterous wife still loves him.

Who cares if whites aren’t invited to the affirmative-action Christmas party? The scandal is that there are no celebrations for the race that founded, built, and sustains this country. None of the problems we face can be solved without a return to white identity and recognition of our common fate and common interests. What white conservatives need for Christmas this year is some self-respect.