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Nowhere to Run

Why we must unite across class lines.


NYC policy has made schools more integrated than neighborhoods.

Black residents say the trees are “a lasting remnant of the history of segregation in the city.”

There are too many non-whites in low-paying jobs, and not enough in higher-paying jobs.

When non-whites don’t pass remedial classes it’s a “civil rights issue.”

“Real reform” means money, not the quality of education kids receive.

Law for One People

How we lost it and how we can get it back.


Integration hasn’t worked, so blacks (not whites?) should be allowed “elective separation.”

“[M]ore than 1,000 of the nation’s 6,747 charter schools had minority enrollment of at least 99 percent.”

‘Gentrification’ or ‘White Flight’

Whites can’t win.


To blacks, gentrification means “We’re taking over your community.”

When whites move into a black neighborhoood, it’s not integration; it’s invasion.

Some of today’s most destructive ideas were first popularized by a socialist from Sweden.

Would white enclaves qualify?

Tribalism Marches On!

And President Bush’s “New World Order” is fading away.


Can the South Survive?, AR Classic Article

With the “Unite the Right” rally taking place today, this question is worth contemplating more than ever.

A leftist think tank flounders for an explanation.

New trick to attract whites: admission by lottery.

They want both African Studies and Black Studies departments.

Basically, they claim that nothing has changed since 1909.

The Liberal Need for Exoneration

It blinds them to the obvious.


Obama appointee lets white community have its own school district.

She has not yet been fired.

Whites don’t want their children going to heavily non-white schools.

Researcher says integration would lead to “trusting and cohesive communities.”

That would be a 14 percent reduction that covers many areas.

Racial politics during the Civil War.

Verwoerd: Why He Still Matters

Fifty years after his death, his wisdom still guides us.


Many black charter schools are “intensely segregated.”

Carson thinks government should leave people alone.

Diversity campaigner decides to practice what she preaches.

Some never leave their Muslim ghettos.

Hispanics “rise up to resist displacement” by opposing “white art.”

Town of 4,000–with only 48 white Brits–has produced several jihadis.

Researcher thinks “salesmanship” on the benefits of diversity will solve the problem.

POC’s have “shared interests and common goals.”

Up to 30,000 people could live in this all-white–and legal–South African community.

Find out which areas of your city were “redlined.”

It’s for “cultivating community.”

To protect them from “racially insensitive remarks” and “microaggressions.”

She was up front in the job interview but will now not be allowed to teach.

There is no similar course only for white students.

It takes them through the “no-go zones” occupied by blacks after apartheid.

Government-mandated “diversity” is coming to Hillary Clinton’s wealthy new hometown.

Families with children self-segregate more than the childless.

Precious white students much be shared equally.

New voucher scheme will drive non-whites to the suburbs.

Is Diversity a Strength for America?

Remarks at a debate at Kentucky State University.


Doing right by your children is bad for society.

Disparate impact strikes again!