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NBC: “This is what happens when anti-racism is no longer a major goal of educational policy.”

People who live in whiter districts pay more in taxes.

“Good schools are integrated schools.”

There are too many white students in Hartford magnet schools.

Hint: It’s causal.

“[Wilson’s] record on race is not good.”

Speaks against integration, in favor of a new black nation.

Army recruiting video is all hip-hop and black-white brotherly love.

Integration or Separation?, AR Classic Article

A black professor’s solution to the race problem.

Joe Biden’s shifting positions on busing and housing.

How to get white people to feel bad about being white.

Nice white people continue to live segregated lives and reproduce racist outcomes.

It’s a “barbaric incident.”

Integration isn’t working in New York’s schools.

Another crisis to fret over.

All four founders of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary owned slaves.

Showing each school’s white proportion breeds “hatred and fear.”

Non-whites at American University just don’t feel “safe” or “welcome.”

“Several Asian speakers highlighted the outsized toll the new plan would exact on their community.”

Whites promote “black history sites” because that’s where the money’s going.

Black judge: The Confederate battle flag does not stand for justice.

Whites are 49 percent of Toronto’s population but 73 percent of residents in the best neighborhoods.

Ban was to help “everyone can feel at ease in their neighborhood and homes.”

$120 million “to support new and expand voluntary community-driven programs.”

“High-achieving schools” will admit more “students who come from low-income families, don’t speak English, or are homeless.”

Do Whites Have a Chinaman’s Chance?

Vocal dissidents must break the “spiral of silence.”


‘Farmlands’ by Lauren Southern

South Africa’s present could be our future.


Employment rates for black and white men were the same from 1880 to 1940.

“Affirmatively furthering fair housing” initiative will be scrapped.

Non-whites make up at least 90 percent of the student body in 60 percent of Boston’s schools.

White people don’t like to live in neighborhoods where they might get shot.

Guidelines direct schools to use non-race-based policies to achieve diversity.

“Neighborhood schools will be segregated schools, and that is no way to bridge the . . . achievement gap.”

Voluntary school transfers somehow result in resegregation.

Proposed law is supposed to address San Diego’s “stark segregation.”

Schools can’t be integrated as long as whites prefer to live with whites and Hispanics with Hispanics.

Apology document calls for creating an “office of racial reconciliation.”

“Whiter” always means “too white.”

Non-whites move in, whites move out.

Integration hasn’t worked because “some folks cling on to the past with respect to notions of racial superiority.”

Ordinance presumed landlords’ only motivation could be prejudice.

Is Mayor de Blasio an Anti-Asian Bigot?

He thinks NYC’s elite public schools have too many Asian students.


Bill allows communities to create their own charter schools and limit enrollment.

Removing the screening will make schools “more diverse.”

HUD will no longer require communities to use its method of assessing segregation.

“Integration was one of the worst things that happened to black people.”

Reckoning Without Race

Integration will make blacks act like whites.


Blacks Want Segregated Graduations

Let them have them.


The solution is to create low-income housing in wealthy communities.

Rich liberal parents love it, and it gets whiter and richer every year.