Posted on March 9, 2023

School Hosts Racially Segregated Meetings, District Defends the Racism

Jason Rantz, KTTH, March 6, 2023

A Lake Washington School District high school has become the latest to host meetings segregated by race. While these meetings may be separate but equal, they’re still racist.

Eastlake High School principal Todd Apple emailed parents about upcoming meetings centered around student athletics. He said he was seeking “parents’ perspectives [about] what it’s like for your kids and for you here at Eastlake.” But the meetings will be separated by race, with the first one specifically for “Parents of Black students.” Parents of white, Asian, Latino, or Native American students are not supposed to attend, and future meetings for those parents have not yet been set. But they apparently will also be subject to the same race-based attendance rule.

“I plan to meet more parents like this. Let me know if there’s a group you’d like to be part of,” Apple wrote. The email newsletter was shared with The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH by a concerned parent.


Radical Left educators frequently cite the need to dismantle institutionalized racism.

Popularized by the Black Lives Matter movement, we’ve been told that American institutions are steeped in “white supremacy” that still damages black students today. They’ve been on a mission to root out that racism and rebuild institutions in ways that are fair to all students and parents. Yet left-wing educators are fighting racism — that doesn’t actually exist — with actual forms of racism.

A district spokesperson defended the meetings, arguing that “students and families have different experiences in our schools.”


“Providing these types of opportunities is called out in our Lake Washington School District Board of Directors Operational Expectation 14.8 – ‘Incorporate diverse perspectives and culturally relevant strategies in district/school communications and community engagement, especially perspectives that have been marginalized, underrepresented, or have faced barriers.’ Eastlake High School staff is working to hear these perspectives,” the spokesperson emailed.

The district may not define “discrimination” accurately, but if they reject a white parent of a white student from attending, they would be breaking the law.

The Lake Washington School District is not alone in holding separate but equal meetings. Seattle Public Schools held racist meetings as part of a superintendent listening tour. Superintendent Brent Jones, Ph.D. was mostly interested in hearing from non-white parents, a key reason why enrollment has dropped so significantly. The Issaquah School Board held racially segregated meetings while selecting a new superintendent. The implication was that black families didn’t feel comfortable around white ones — a position determined by a group of mostly white women eager to convince black people to be their friends.