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The city needs to “develop and implement an equity action plan.”

Protesters demand that the manager be fired.

New York Times wants HUD to integrate communities by fiat.

Selma: A Civil Rights Legacy

Former activist says “Selma is dying.”


“Experts” will help Target “implement appropriate changes.”

Students Should Protest About What Really Matters

They used to demonstrate against “diversity.”


Orthodoxy Takes a Blow!

New York Times admits there are races and that they are different.


She said the case “helped minorities everywhere.”

How the Obama Administration Eroded School Discipline

The notorious “Dear Colleague Letter.”


Defendant refused to believe that black people would support Trump.

White sports reporter claims she was not promoted because she is white.

Rules were changed because blacks were breaking them.

Without non-white agents, the FBI can’t understand “communities at risk.”

In Minnesota schools, blacks are suspended eight times as often as whites.

Recruiter for YouTube says he was told to cancel interviews with white men.

Not renting to applicants receiving housing assistance is a “proxy” for racial discrimination.

A look at the Commission for Racial Equality.

Recruiters were instructed to cancel interviews with applicants who weren’t female, black, or Hispanic.

Welfare and anti-discrimination laws haven’t worked.

Supreme Court ruling leaves the DACA pending before a California court of appeals.

Taylor v. Twitter could be the first extension of California’s “public forum” doctrine to social media.

AmRen “touts a philosophy that it’s ‘entirely normal’ for whites to want to be a majority race.”

Twitter claims its censorship tools are “apolitical.”

Wall Street Journal reports on Taylor v. Twitter.

Is new sub-prime lending in order?

The truth is no defense?

Social justice race registry, good; crime perpetrators’ race registry, bad.

New school districts can be formed only if there is no “discriminatory purpose.”

Blackness as Disability

Another way to shake down whitey.


Judge discovers yet more illegal discrimination.

Under it, groups like antifa may get labeled “domestic terrorists.”

Once again, common-sense precautions are “racism.”

Blackness as Disability, Georgetown Law Review

Applying disability law to race opens the door to reparations.

Malaysia has no “anti-discrimination” or “anti-racism” laws.

Suit claims non-PC employees are “mistreated, and systematically punished and terminated from Google.”

Judge said ban served “an invidious discriminatory racial purpose and a politically partisan purpose.”

She is suing the government for $10 million for discrimination against blacks.

More than 40 convicts will go free if court rules that discrimination underpinned the stings.

Law for One People

How we lost it and how we can get it back.


Integration hasn’t worked, so blacks (not whites?) should be allowed “elective separation.”

No Counsel for White Men

The rule of law is fading for white advocates.


School challenges authority of DOJ to investigate whether it discriminates against Asians.

Former employee claims he suffered “severe and perservasive harrassment.”

22 percent of blacks say they have avoided seeking health care for fear of discrimination.

Would white enclaves qualify?

No freedom of association, not even for elderly Muslims.

Lawsuit claims Unite the Right organizers incited violence.

They claim race was the “predominant factor” affecting redistricting.

A number of vague “incidents” in one school district is proof more needs to be done.

Straight Talk About Affirmative Action

Is it here to stay?