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Who Will Take Care of You When You’re Old?

Will you be able to choose?


Prisoner of Democracy, AR Classic Article

Reflections of a man who has gone to prison because of his racial views.

He says they make the carpets smell like curry.

Princeton does not want to revel how it treats Asian applicants.

Can the Trump Court End Affirmative Action?

One originalist appointment may not be enough.


HP Mandates Quotas, National Review

And probably all its suppliers will obey.

Defendant was a racist, after all.

Lawsuit claims company used Spanish code words to discriminate.

A remarkable book that explains why all anti-discrimination laws should be repealed.

Carson thinks government should leave people alone.

He could end “affirmatively furthering fair housing.”

All nine are non-white.

Race info no longer available for housing or employment ads.

The Court will decide if entire cities qualify as “aggrieved persons” under the Fair Housing Act.

The sharing economy makes it easy to discriminate.

You have to sign a non-discrimination pledge to use Airbnb.

Facebook offers “ethnic affinity” as part of its “multicultural advertising.”

Washington DOJ appears to have overruled New York DOJ, which did not want to indict.

The city already settled a $98 million suit over its “discriminatory” hiring practices.

Until now, jury deliberations have been completely confidential.

Charges based strictly on statistical analysis.


Non-discrimination is more important than religion.

Eric Holder’s career in the private sector begins.

A classic account of how free markets curtail discrimination.

He understood that blacks and whites see facts differently.

Canadian grocer had to pay $21,000 for wrongly accusing a black man of shoplifting.

He’s presiding over the city’s consent decree.

Pandora’s Box, The Economist

Banning criminal-record checks makes employers more likely to discriminate against blacks.

$10,000 handouts for down payment should help.

The EEOC will decide if the Gadsden flag is “racially-tinged.”

Courts find “racism” wherever they please.

Federal appeals court says it was “passed with racially discriminatory intent.”

He’ll craft the company a “world-class anti-discrimination policy.”

Film celebrates the couple whose Supreme Court case overturned laws against mixed marriages.

They took away a contract from a white firm and gave it to a black one.

Government-mandated “diversity” is coming to Hillary Clinton’s wealthy new hometown.

Why Diversity Programs Fail, Harvard Business Review

“The positive effects of diversity training rarely last beyond a day or two.”

Users mustn’t be allowed to rent to whom they please.

Employers rely more on race if they aren’t allowed to see applicants’ criminal records.

Canadian judge goes soft on crack dealer because of “anti-black racism” and “over-incarceration” of blacks.

Trump said to oppose “affordable housing” in the suburbs.

BBC labels the positions “trainee schemes” to avoid discrimination laws.

Only Clarence Thomas voted to uphold the conviction.

Flouts the will of 80 percent of the voters.

New voucher scheme will drive non-whites to the suburbs.

She was once AP’s White House reporter.

Law prohibiting cities from raising minimum wage is “racist.”

Train manager warned them twice they would be kicked off if they didn’t lower their voices.

Non-whites suffer from “a long, sad history of death, false imprisonment, physical and verbal abuse.”