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Why Joe May Be Courting Stacey

Biden has an unfashionable history to make up for.


“If a college or university does not allow you to speak, we will not give them money. It’s that simple.”

Inequality = bias.

Critics say that if states prosecute illegals for identity theft, it could lead to “discrimination.”

Coders may be guilty of unconscious bias.

They’re also suing the unions that represent them.

Another “culture of racism.”

Ninth Circuit ruling applies only to California and Arizona.

It’s calling for a “civil rights audit” of CNN employment practices.

A men’s rights group brought the case.

The travel ban case has strong parallels.

Discrimination against hair styles will now be considered racial discrimination.

There are too many white students in Hartford magnet schools.

Hint: It’s causal.

Black students in New York schools know the anti-discrimination laws protect their behavior.

Walmart says the policy was “data-driven.”

Latino Group Sues to Stop Texas from Scrubbing Voter Rolls, League of United Latin American Citizens

It’s racist to ask people who voted to prove they were citizens.

It failed to guess the sex of dark-skinned women 31 percent of the time.

White man got the shaft.

Senator gets prison sentence for comparing black politician to an orangutan.

Tucker Carlson and the Question of White Victimhood

Fox News commentator has raised the ire of Conservatism, Inc.


Anti-white discrimination is a “government imperative.”

Much of “disparate impact” is mandated in regulations.

She claims teachers and students taunted her with racist comments.

Another crisis to fret over.

For White Advocacy to Flourish, We Need Free Speech

The government may have to act.


Obama policy had pedictable results.

“Businesses can’t pick and choose when to enforce rules—and which customers must abide by them.”

Hispanics and Asians are afraid they won’t get their “fair share” of federal money.

Some white cops have even referred to non-white neighborhoods as “ghettoes”!

Writer claims “There’s no research to show that voucher holders make worse tenants than any other renters.”

He’s been kicked off Amazon, PayPal, Twitter, and Facebook.

Black women tend to be on temporary teaching-only contracts.

EU’s agency “for fundamental rights” calls for more action against discrimination.

“You got to grind your boot into white supremacy’s throat until you hear it stop breathing.”

Their “rights” must “be respected, protected and fulfilled at all times.”

The tests are excluding “talented people of color.”

Metro police are “targeting” black fare-beaters.

The force wanted 33 percent of its employees to be non-white or female.

Judge: “Derogatory language . . . is evidence that official action may be motivated by . . . an unlawful purpose.”

Discrimination against Asians is OK if it’s good for blacks and Hispanics.

Claims the statue’s presence violates the Equal Protection Clause.

Some of Harvard’s admissions preferences were revealed in the 1990s.

Harvard sends recruitment letters to blacks with SAT scores around 1100.

“Conservative” government makes strides in the UK.

Allegations of “years of violent incidents” are just excuses for “discrimination.”

Ban was to help “everyone can feel at ease in their neighborhood and homes.”

$120 million “to support new and expand voluntary community-driven programs.”

Trump administration has now backed two groups suing Ivy League colleges.

She likes the benefits of European laws, but doesn’t like European customs.