Posted on October 31, 2023

Kamala Harris: Admin Has Duty to Stop AI ‘Algorithmic Discrimination’

Brandon Gillespie, Fox News, October 30, 2023

Vice President Kamala Harris said Monday that it’s the Biden administration’s “duty” to prevent “algorithmic discrimination” when it comes to the field artificial intelligence (AI), and to ensure its benefits are “shared equitably” among society.

Her continuation of what some have called the administration’s effort to make AI “woke” happened during her remarks alongside President Biden at the White House just before he signed an executive order establishing AI standards for private companies.

“I believe we have a moral, ethical and societal duty to make sure that AI is adopted and advanced in a way that protects the public from potential harm and ensure that everyone is able to enjoy its benefits. Since we took office, President Biden and I have worked to uphold that duty,” Harris told a crowd gathered in the White House’s East Room.


Harris added that the “Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights,” an administration document that recommends “proactive equity assessments as part of the system design,” would establish “a minimum baseline of responsible AI practices” for private companies operating within the field.