Posted on August 13, 2023

California Doctors Sue Medical Board Over Mandatory ‘Implicit Bias Training’

Jamie Joseph, Fox News, August 7, 2023

Two California doctors and a medical advocacy group, Do No Harm, filed a joint lawsuit Aug. 1 against the state’s medical board to terminate its mandatory “implicit bias training,” contending that it infringes on their freedom of speech rights.

The progressive training is required for all medical professionals in the Golden State who seek to advance their education. “Implicit bias” suggests medical practitioners treat patients differently based on factors like race or sexuality, possibly leading to different health outcomes.

The lawsuit targets state legislation passed in 2019, AB 241, which defines health care-linked implicit bias as subconscious “attitudes or internalized stereotypes.”

Los Angeles doctors Marilyn Singleton and Azadeh Khatibi and Do No Harm say the law instead coerces medical professionals to violate their freedom of speech rights to “compel speakers to engage in discussions on subjects they prefer to remain silent about,” according to the filing.


Currently, California physicians must adhere to the law and log 50 hours of continuing medical education courses on implicit bias training for patient care every two years to have their license renewed.


“The implicit bias requirement promotes the inaccurate belief that White individuals are naturally racist,” Singleton said in a news release last week. {snip}