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Doing so denies black people their reality.

“We will relentlessly resist. We will not rest. We require restitution.”

Populism is having a toxic impact on support for refugees and migrants.

He wants the flag to honor Indians instead of the Confederacy.

Robinson’s unpersoning from the internet continues.

Things haven’t changed for black students since 1962.

Vandals stole a “very expensive” bronze plaque.

Author claims civil rights put the actor into a “racist rage.”

School discovers limits of diversity and multiculturalism.

Minister for Public Safety blames the internet and wants more censorship of it.

But the bank committed to featuring a scientist, and non-white scientists are hard to come by.

Because race doesn’t really exist.

“The indoctrination continues.”

“Acknowledging the sins of the past.”

Plaque would critique the monument “as a symbol of white supremacy and racism.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar makes her pitch to defund ICE.

Seventy-three percent of knife crimes were committed by non-whites.

Trump says immigrants “enrich our nation” in countless ways.

Army recruiting video is all hip-hop and black-white brotherly love.

More training in self-hatred.

Sounds familiar.

Lawyer claims SPLC published stolen documents and engages in “ritual defamation.”

GuideStar and Amazon relied on the SPLC to determine CIS is a “hate group.”

“Hostile voices”— aka anyone who is “unsupportive” of diversity.

He will not be able to earn any revenue from his 270,000 subscribers.

The equivalent of tuition for 708 full-time students.

Language standards perpetuate white supremacy.

Museums affirm “Europe’s cultural prestige.”

Jordan Peterson and others will start a new crowd-funding site.

“Racist trolls” to get “anti-hate training.”

There just aren’t enough non-whites and homosexuals in Christmas movies.

The Bay Area has the largest concentration of Indians.

New murals to depict history as it should have been, not as it was.

“Mexicans Keep Out” sign was one of his fabrications.

In Alexandria, you can offend Irish organizations but not black ones.

The city allegedly violated several laws when they sold the park and statue.

The Religion of anti-Racism, AR Classic Article

A field manual for subversion.

FIRE finds that 90 percent of American colleges and universities restrict speech.

72 percent were removed because they were “spam or misleading.”

University of Cincinnati founder “cherished the desire to found an institution where white boys and girls might be taught.”

In Europe, criticizing Muhammad “goes beyond the permissible limits of an objective debate.”

The Santa Barbara school district has paid more than a million dollars to propagandize children against whites.

How to Talk to Your Family About Race

Twitter’s advice for the holidays.


Leader of Indian group: “Millions upon millions of Native Americans have died in European-perpetrated genocide.”

He was allegedly a Proud Boys member.

French government and Facebook will work together on censorship.

Columbus’s image ” should not be celebrated anywhere.”

Student discomfort is a “weapon of mass destruction” against unorthodox professors.

The State of Hate, Washington Post

WaPo does a somewhat critical dive into the SPLC.

A Frank Assessment of Nationalism in Poland

A basically sound country is beginning to crack.