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How the SPLC and ADL Taught Me Race Realism

That would be the last time I retreated.


Millennial Red-Pilling and the Future of Europe

The keynote speech of our 2017 conference.


2017 American Renaissance Conference Videos

The full speeches are now available.


Let’s Hate America, AR Classic Article

And let’s teach our children to hate America, too!

YouTube viewers not fooled by open-borders propaganda.

Diversity is Bunk, American Thinker

It brings no obvious benefit.

The Threefold Death of Hannah Cornelius

I grieve for one of my tribe.


A graduate reflects.

Brainwashing not working as expected.

Government and NGO-funded Youtube video welcomes “refugees” to Europe. Comments disabled.

“Black and brown bodies who typically wear hooped earrings.”

All proceeds go to non-profits that serve “multicultural communities.”

Maps used in 86-percent non-white school district bring Europe “down to size.”

German Railway is in the propaganda business.

The Left’s eliminationist campaigns didn’t stop last century.

Italian children are pawns in leftist brainwashing campaign.

Are We Raising Racists?, New York Times

How to make your children feel bad about being white.

Actually, they explore their own inferiority.

American colleges are becoming increasingly doctrinaire.

South Africans are preparing for “Anti-Racism Week.”

School will also eradicate the concept of “gender binary.”

Censorship in universities in the UK is nearly as bad as in the US.

He also must write a letter of apology to the professor.

Free trade and limited government terrify Santa Clara University student senate.

It’s a swanky school that spends $25,000 per year per student.

Barnard goes full tilt on “diversity.”

A new way to humiliate white college students.

Norou Diawara should certainly know what’s American.

No Campus for White Men

New book explains the mentality that led to the Milo Yiannopoulos riot at Berkeley.

Reviewed by F. Roger Devlin

Course helps fulfill the university’s mandatory diversity requirement.

Assignment featured a fictional woman extolling the virtues of Islamic law.

The professor will also be teaching the course, “Global Hiphop and Social Justice.”

They know Jefferson owned slaves but not that he was president.

High school teacher was explaining how to “heal the racial divide.”

Democrats outnumber Republicans 11.5 to 1.

Indoctrination starts young.

Trump is just another chapter in the long “History of Nativism in America.”

Student advisers will provide “good arguments” for students to use against “uneducated people.”

Whites love to feel good about feeling bad about being white.

“You know they be trippin’.”

Commercial celebrates transracial adoption.

Professor says that’s the intention of our education system.

There are limits beyond which even white parents cannot be pushed.

Why Have We Unlearned What We Knew in 1900?

An eminent historian’s view.


Sample topics: “What it Means to be Black,” “The Infinite Mind of the Afrikan Child.”

In his latest adventure, George accompanies his friend Kareem to a mosque.

White children have come home crying.

Feds say it works so well at the local level they thought they’d try it, too.

Because “diversity is central to the nature of WSU.”

Black power and anti-assimilation movements portrayed favorably.