2024 American Renaissance Conference

The Road Ahead

War in Ukraine. War in Gaza. “Far right” gains in Europe. More censorship. DEI winning in some states, losing in others. Millions of whites waking up. Our rulers more hysterical than ever. A “fascist” in the White House? Join us for warm camaraderie and keen discussion of what these exciting times mean for our people.

Sam Dickson Sam Dickson — “Whitey on the Psychiatrist’s Couch.” Sam Dickson is a lawyer who has been an advocate for our people since his college days. He has addressed every American Renaissance conference.
Gregory Hood Gregory Hood — “The Last Election and the Last American.” Mr. Hood is a staff writer for American Renaissance and the author of Waking Up from the American Dream.
Richard Marksbury Richard Marksbury, PhD — “Why the Big Deal About Ethno-Nationalism?” For 43 years, Dr. Marskbury was professor, dean, and Director of Asian Studies at Tulane University. His interests include culture change, marriage, caste systems, and the fight to preserve the monuments to the men who fought for Southern Independence.
Martin Sellner Martin Sellner — “Remigration — A Hope for Europe.” Mr. Sellner is an Austrian political activist and author. He is the spokesman for the Identitarian movement in Austria and has carried out many actions and campaigns. After his book “Remigration — A Proposal” became a bestseller, he was banned from entering Germany.
Guido Taietti Guido Taietti — “Identitarianism: Errors and Lessons from Europe.” Mr. Taietti is cultural director for CasaPound of North Italy, for which he organizes about 20 conferences a year. He is the author of Essay on Sovereignism and Political Witchcraft: Political Communication for Radical Actors. He hosts the video channel “Razzia Project.”
Jared Taylor Jared Taylor — “How We Must Choose.” Mr. Taylor is the editor of American Renaissance. His latest book is If We Do Nothing.
Africa Mystery Guest from Africa — In a first appearance ever in the United States, this prominent activist will draw on unique experiences to share a unique perspective.

– More speakers to be announced –

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November 15 – 17, 2024, Montgomery Bell Inn and Conference Center

Conference schedule:

The conference will begin on Friday, November 15, with registration from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. There will be a reception followed by opening remarks from American Renaissance staff. Latecomer registration is at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 16, and the program will begin promptly at 9:00 a.m.

There will be a banquet (separate charge of $35) on Saturday evening. Participants with alternate dinner plans are welcome after the meal to hear the after-dinner speaker. The program will resume on Sunday the 17th and end at 11:00 a.m.

Gentlemen will wear jackets and ties — equivalent dress for ladies — to all conference events.

We will prepare name tags in advance; when you register, you may indicate whether you would like to use an alias. Please contact us if you or your organization would like to set up a vendor table.

Accommodations and transportation:

The conference will be held in the lodge at the beautiful Montgomery Bell State Park. The address is 1000 Hotel Avenue, Burns, Tennessee. If you fly, it would be best to rent a car at the Nashville airport and drive the 45 minutes to the park.

Each room costs $173 per night. There is no extra charge for double occupancy. Rooms must be booked through American Renaissance.


Early-bird registration is $150 per person. After October 15, the price increases to $200 per person.

Please call us at 703-716-0900 to ask about student discounts.

Patron registration is available for an additional $200. Patrons will receive special name tag designations as well as preferred seating with conference speakers at the Saturday evening banquet.

We can accept payment only by mail: cash, check, or money order.

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Please call American Renaissance at (703) 716-0900 if you have questions.