Posted on January 19, 2024

University of Washington Medicine’s ‘White Anti-Racism Group’ Teaches ‘Antiracism’ From a ‘Whiteness Perspective’

Brendan McDonald, Campus Reform, January 17, 2024


At University of Washington Medicine, the “White Anti-Racism Group (WAG)” holds meetings for members to discuss how to be allies of racial minorities through “antiracism.”

“UW Medicine’s colleagues came together to discuss how to support our Black colleagues and BIPOC community from a whiteness perspective,” an information sheet says on the university’s website. The group was originally formed in 2020 after the killing of George Floyd.

“The current WAG is responsive to stated needs for more structured and ongoing peer-led efforts to help our community better understand antiracism and support each other in becoming more antiracist without having to burden non-white colleagues for this support,” the web page continues.


Questions potential members are encouraged to ask themselves before joining include, “Do you wonder how you fit in to UW Medicine’s commitment to being an antiracist institution?,” and “Would you like support and structure in learning and implementing antiracist action?”