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UC-Berkeley’s commitment to free speech is “unwavering.”

78 percent of whites and even 62 percent of blacks.

“Positive discrimination is needed to address this vitally urgent issue.”

“Good schools are integrated schools.”

She doesn’t want to style “a bunch of white women.”

“It’s politically unacceptable for a Democratic candidate to not have a diverse staff.”

One of Britain’s biggest fire services wants 35 percent of recruits to be non-white.

White man got the shaft.

Anti-white discrimination is a “government imperative.”

Companies “should feel the fire is getting started and will burn, at least for two years, and hopefully beyond.”

The Last White Man, AR Classic Article

A look at the future.

Writer claims “There’s no research to show that voucher holders make worse tenants than any other renters.”

Non-whites at American University just don’t feel “safe” or “welcome.”

National police chief wants 25 percent of the force to be non-white.

Blacks First Land First members beat up a woman in an elevator.

They had to fly in nonwhites “to meet the quota they were committed to.”

Proposed amendment to the constitution: “Zero compensation may be regarded as just and equitable.”

Priority to be given to “equity applicants.”

Their “rights” must “be respected, protected and fulfilled at all times.”

The force wanted 33 percent of its employees to be non-white or female.

Its purpose: to recruit and retain “diverse” employees to work in Congress.

PayPal “works hard to be rigorous and fair-minded” before shutting down accounts.

Racism on the Rise, American Thinker

Diversity is not a virtue; it’s an anti-white political program.

There’s money in being non-white—even if you’re white.

Asian Plaintiffs Threaten the ‘Rainbow Coalition’

Ending race preferences would benefit whites.


“White job-seeking youth” should look on other websites.

Feds will pay $6,300 for 12 weeks. For non-whites only.

Intel diversity czarina: This is “like one inch on the 12-inch ruler.”

The black teacher in the room at the time saw no problems with the lesson.

America’s invisible victims.

Harvard sends recruitment letters to blacks with SAT scores around 1100.

Black homicide unit commander says accusations against him are part of a “conspiracy” to oust him from the unit.

Editor of BBC Four says “the era of that has passed.”

One student says the cancellation is “bowing to racists.”

Journalists not practicing what they preach.

Initiative will not further ideological diversity.

Irish primary school teachers are too Irish.

The Coming White Serfdom, AR Classic Article

Race and sex quotas are a return to feudalism.

$120 million “to support new and expand voluntary community-driven programs.”

Public college wants an “activist-in-residence.”

Facebook is reconsidering whether white nationalism and white separatism are different from white supremacy.

“High-achieving schools” will admit more “students who come from low-income families, don’t speak English, or are homeless.”

Will there always be an England?

Trump Dares to Notice South Africa

Panic ensues.


In response, South Africa says it will “speed up the pace of land reform.”

‘Farmlands’ by Lauren Southern

South Africa’s present could be our future.


KKK member’s warning shot—very bad; antifa’s assault with a flamethrower—not so much.

The shameful treatment of James Edwards and his congregation.

Employers must show that there are not enough American workers available for temporary or seasonal jobs.

Police stood by while protesters beat up Trump supporters.