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Freshmen must study “diversity, bias, and privilege.”

The US Olympic Committee has a “director of diversity and inclusion.”

Blackness as Disability

Another way to shake down whitey.


Study finds blacks discriminate in favor of each other.

There is dissent in the ranks.

Under it, groups like antifa may get labeled “domestic terrorists.”

AmRen is “heavily influenced [by] the ideology of the KKK.”

Current and former employees explain Twitter’s politically-motivated censorship.

Lecturer defends his attacks on white student: “‘Whiteness’ is synonymous with evil.”

“People are willing to be tolerant, but past a certain point, it feels like being ordered to eat peas.”

There are too many non-whites in low-paying jobs, and not enough in higher-paying jobs.

Diversity is “not enough.”

The Charlottesville police refused to enforce the law.

Cop later says his words were “poorly chosen.”

“For people of color by people of color.”

Why All Three South-African Presidents Supported Robert Mugabe

“[T]he government of Zimbabwe—and others across Africa—doesn’t stand apart from the governed; it reflects them.”


It’s official: You can be a leader of the Klan without even being a member.

“Hate” is not allowed.

Teaching assistant calls on male students “if I have to.”

If diversity is so wonderful, why must it be imposed forcefully?

“[C]isgender straight white males . . . are already in the majority.”

Halloween Happenings

Horrifying hoaxes, pallid politicians, and more.


Some whites are still not aware of affirmative action.

They were closed to white men.

Canada hasn’t accepted a single South African refugee this year.

Suspected attendees’ accounts were permanently deleted.

The school is planning “proportional representation” quotas.

There are already dorms for black men and for American Indians.

NYT takes greats pains to avoid talking about Asians.

Another college caves to pressure from the Right.

What is Racism?, AR Classic Article

Everyone talks about ‘racism’ but no one ever defines it.

Wife of President Mugabe is pleased.

Mines must be 30 percent black-owned by next year.

She was dumped in the name of “black power.”

Budget has some good news.

Not even the military-industrial complex is safe from anti-racist interference.

She will not need Senate confirmation because she is an interim appointment.

Prisoner of Democracy, AR Classic Article

Reflections of a man who has gone to prison because of his racial views.

Yes, but for only 20 or 30 years. Then they can have it back.

An introduction to the blindingly obvious.

Many say genocide is coming.

Whites were systematically replaced with blacks.

Anything over 30 percent is too many whites.

“The animosity [the executive vice president] had towards Caucasians was clear.”

Only Guam aborigines were going to be allowed to vote.

Boer group: “We are ready to fight back.”

Can the Trump Court End Affirmative Action?

One originalist appointment may not be enough.


HP Mandates Quotas, National Review

And probably all its suppliers will obey.

“Affirmative action and black economic empowerment do not demonstrate hatred to white people. I think.”

Barnard goes full tilt on “diversity.”