Posted on December 5, 2023

Billionaire Harvard Alum Accuses University of Discriminating Against White Males

Kristine Parks, Fox News, December 4, 2023

Billionaire and Harvard graduate Bill Ackman called out his alma-mater for having “discriminatory practices” against White males, Asians, and conservatives in a scathing open letter posted to social media on Sunday.


In his letter, anonymous faculty described Harvard as a place where “loud, hate-filled protests appear to be encouraged, but where faculty and students can’t share points of view that are inconsistent with the accepted narrative on campus.” Students are taught that slavery and colonialism are the “animating forces of history,” and this ideology “dominates” the classroom conversation and coursework, another complaint said.

Antisemitism is tolerated on campus because Jews are seen as White, one faculty member explained.

“Whiteness at Harvard is deemed fundamentally oppressive. Indigenous peoples are presented as in need of justice and reparations. Jews are presented as white people. It is therefore ok to hate Israel and Jews as they are deemed to be oppressors,” the person said.


“It’s about whiteness versus people of color,” another complaint read. The office’s standards are also enforced in hiring practices, faculty said, in excluding more qualified candidates if they are a “White or Asian straight male.”

Ackman said he was “saddened” to hear how his beloved university had “lost its way,” and “embarrassed” by his previous lack of awareness about these problems on campus.

“The problems at Harvard are clearly not just about Jews and Israel. It is abundantly clear that straight White males are discriminated against in recruitment and advancement at Harvard. That is also apparently true to a somewhat lesser extent for men who are Asians or of Indian origin. The ODEIB is an important culprit in this discrimination on campus as it sees the world in a framework of oppressors and the oppressed, where the oppressor class includes white males, Asians, Jews and other people perceived to be successful and powerful,” he analyzed.