Posted on June 15, 2023

Grothman Says It Is ‘Almost Impossible’ for Straight White Men to Become Federal Judges Under Biden

Lawrence Andrea, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, May 26, 2023

Republican U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman on Thursday claimed it is “almost impossible” for straight white men to become federal judges as he derided the Biden administration’s diversity and inclusion efforts in comments on the House floor.

Grothman in a 26-minute speech railed against President Joe Biden for recent remarks about racism in the United States and claimed affirmative action programs “are designed to be as divisive as possible.” {snip}

“Apparently, for his first two years, President Biden had appointed 97 federal judges,” Grothman said Thursday. “Of the 97 federal judges, I was expecting maybe 25 or 30 were white guys because I know President Biden wasn’t heavy on appointing more white guys. Five of the 97 judges were white guys. Of those, two were gay.”

“So, almost impossible for a white guy who’s not gay, apparently, to get appointed here,” he added.


Grothman, who represents Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District, argued racism is not a problem in the U.S. during his wide-ranging remarks on the topic. He turned his attention to diversity and inclusion and affirmative action efforts and said they cause people to “be a little more reluctant to hire people who have historically been here in America.”


Biden has made nominating diverse judges a priority. Of the judges appointed during Biden’s first two years in office, 75% were women, 67% were people of color and 47% were women of color, according to an analysis by the 19th News.