Posted on June 15, 2023

Cold-Hearted Teens Steal 8-Year-Old NYC Boy’s Lemonade Stand Earnings

Doree Lewak et al., New York Post, June 8, 2023


A pair of “shady” teenagers sank to a new low when they looted an 8-year-old Upper West Side boy’s sidewalk lemonade stand, police said.

The cowardly crooks waited until little Julian Lin had his back turned on Sunday to snatch his money jar — containing as much as $150, his mom said — and made off on two scooters, according to police and a local report.

“I feel disappointed in humanity,” the young entrepreneur told the blog. “I didn’t realize that someone would want to rob an 8-year-old.”

Police said the heartless theft took place around 3:20 p.m. on Columbus Avenue near West 70th Street when the two teens pulled up and asked for some lemonade.

When Julian turned his back they snatched the jar and sped off — leaving the boy empty-handed. The teens are still on the loose, cops said.

Some of his customers had paid him using Venmo, so it wasn’t a total loss — and Julian’s neighbors also stepped up to try to make up for the stolen earnings.


Despite Sunday’s financial setback, Julian agreed that he hasn’t soured on future business endeavors — although he has learned some valuable lessons.

“I will not have my money out there for anyone to grab. I will be more alert. I will trust my instincts because I could tell that those guys were shady since one of them was wearing a ski mask,” he said.