Posted on April 22, 2024

Charlie Kirk: The Civil Rights Act “Created a Beast”

Media Matters, April 16, 2024

CHARLIE KIRK (HOST): The Civil Rights Act, though, let’s be clear, created a beast, and that beast has now turned into an anti-white weapon.

JEREMY CARL (GUEST): Yeah. And that — and that’s — and that’s the reality, and so we just need to fundamentally relook at a lot of our civil rights legal regime. {snip}

KIRK: Let’s talk about discourse and dialogue. This topic would have been even more forbidden four or five years ago, but it’s now becoming — in more and more mainstream circles. Is that because the problem is becoming worse, or — but our side is more courageous to confront it?


CARL: {snip} So, I think it’s been a combination of things are getting worse, and that’s actually put pressure. {snip}


KIRK: Well and I wanna — I wanna also say, the liberal media is not gonna cover all this, but if you have unapologetic, ferocious anti-white racism, then young whites are gonna find some very radical political positions.