Posted on November 23, 2021

State University Offers Race-Segregated Events After Rittenhouse Trial

Timothy Nerozzi, Washington Examiner, November 19, 2021

A Massachusetts state university encouraged students to attend racially segregated “processing spaces” after Kyle Rittenhouse ‘s acquittal on homicide charges and mistakenly implied that Jacob Blake , whose shooting by police touched off the Kenosha, Wisconsin, riots where the deaths occurred, was dead.

Fitchburg State University sent an email to students on Friday in which it falsely claimed that the rifle used by Rittenhouse was automatic and that the two men killed in the confrontation were protesting the “wrongful death” of the very-much-alive Jacob Blake. The email went on to erroneously claim that Rittenhouse had carried his firearm across state lines.

“The Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness is creating space for our community to process the ‘not guilty’ on all accounts verdict in the Kenosha, Wisconsin case where Kyle Rittenhouse, an Illinois native, shot and killed two people protesting the wrongful death of Jacob Blake in 2020,” the original email read.

The email went on to list times for separate gatherings of “students of color” and their “white student” allies in designated spaces. Similar race-segregated spaces were listed for faculty and staff.

“This moment has and will undoubtedly impact many in our community, so please see these spaces as an opportunity to discuss your thoughts, emotions, and reflections,” the email read.