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Somali cop is charged with “perpetrating an eminently dangerous act while showing a deparaved mind.”

Video dispels rumors that the black man was unarmed.

Mayor-elect calls the candle-lit shrine “disgusting.”

Judge rules Slager guilty of second-degree murder and obstruction of justice.

The policeman was also black.

‘Blanking Out’ Cop Killers

FBI pilloried for describing a black threat.


Residents required to show indentification before entering neighborhood for nearly five days.

NYT: It’s crazy to think that blacks with “racial grievances” will band together and act violently.

He posted his location at the White House on his Facebook page.

It’s the second failed ceasefire this year.

But Confederate monuments must come down.

Black parenting in the age of Trayvon Martin.

War on Cops Goes to Court, The American Spectator

ACLU consent decrees seek to make cops personally liable for errors.

FBI says black “perceptions of police brutality” increase threat to police.

The data are more and more convincing.

Uniformed police may not participate in “partisan political campaign.”

Police are not indiscriminately killing people.

The facts about murder and race.

Unarmed black men are killed by police as often as they are hit by lightning.

Endless rioting is probably not the best way to lure new business.

Who Truly Imperils Our Free Society?

Not white Christians, that’s for sure.


Yet another data set discredits black opinion.

Rioters wreak havoc after cop acquitted in killing of heroin dealer.

Police chanted “Whose streets? Our streets.”

Police expect to need it to confront terrorist attacks and riots.

“Africa Greets You”: The Anti-White Terrorism of Mark Essex

What came before Black Lives Matter.


Spain strikes back.

Are Cops Racist?, AR Classic Article

Heather Mac Donald on racial profiling and the war on cops.

White cop manages to salvage career.

But 83 percent of blacks have a positive view.

Media spin-masters get to work.

Mohamed Noor was an “affirmative action hire” if ever there was one.

Somali cop worries that “racism” is keeping other cops from standing up for him.

Somali-refugee cop kills unarmed white woman. Will whites riot?

Straight talk from a police officer.

Almost double of what Michael Brown’s family got.

Even though the DOJ cleared Darren Wilson of wrongdoing.

The sum awarded will not be disclosed.

Jurors would be told, “We all have unconscious biases.”

“The system continues to fail black people.”

Family says money isn’t enough, officer must go to prison.

Black man killed a white police officer before being taken alive.

Black Lives Matter Wins Sydney Peace Prize

For contributions to “global peace.”


Man she shot was on PCP.

His degree will be in aeronautical science.

A leaked internal document speaks the truth.

Race of attackers isn’t stated. . . but the neighborhood gives us a clue.

He was armed and refusing arrest.

Justice served.