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White cop manages to salvage career.

But 83 percent of blacks have a positive view.

Pretty White Australian Girls’ Lives Matter

Another casualty of diversity.


Media spin-masters get to work.

Mohamed Noor was an “affirmative action hire” if ever there was one.

Somali cop worries that “racism” is keeping other cops from standing up for him.

Somali-refugee cop kills unarmed white woman. Will whites riot?

Straight talk from a police officer.

Almost double of what Michael Brown’s family got.

Even though the DOJ cleared Darren Wilson of wrongdoing.

The sum awarded will not be disclosed.

Jurors would be told, “We all have unconscious biases.”

“The system continues to fail black people.”

Family says money isn’t enough, officer must go to prison.

Black man killed a white police officer before being taken alive.

Black Lives Matter Wins Sydney Peace Prize

For contributions to “global peace.”


Man she shot was on PCP.

His degree will be in aeronautical science.

A leaked internal document speaks the truth.

Race of attackers isn’t stated. . . but the neighborhood gives us a clue.

He was armed and refusing arrest.

Justice served.

He had been convicted for attacking police in the past.

Colin Flaherty documents Hillary Clinton’s anti-white presidential campaign.

Officers will now face greater scrutiny when they use deadly force.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Video is more persuasive than print.


Expect the “Ferguson effect” to continue.

Administration is set to cut back Obama DOJ’s anti-police bullying.

More evidence of the Ferguson Effect.

Evidence of a Ferguson effect.

Chinese immigrants riot in Paris after a police killing.

Damian Antwan Thompson is in custody.

A black writer defies orthodoxy.

Judge clamps down on typical lefty tactics.

Trial is set for May 30th.

Polling finds interesting race differences.

He was shouting “Allahu Akbar.”

The Left’s Selective Use of Statistics

The media continue to lose credibility.


Mother says, “It could go all the way to the White House.”

Obama Is Out!

What did we get for our eight years?


But black and white officers have differing views.

Hiring more blacks officers might actually lead to more police shootings of blacks.

Non-whites in Britain also defend the obviously guilty.

Black organizations are hosting workshops with names like “Surviving the Stop.”

Trump could restore law and order.

The Best Reply to “Black Lives Matter”

We must refute the implied meaning, not the literal meaning.


Blacks Fear the Police?

They don’t act like it.


Here are the facts CNN chose to ignore.

Abu-Jamal is serving a life sentence for murdering a cop.

Cops are white, perp is black.