Posted on October 23, 2023

‘Exonerated’ Criminal Attacks White Cop

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, October 23, 2023

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Almost every news item has a message. When the story has a race angle, the message is often so simple it’s infantile.

Leonard Allen Cure was freed from prison after his conviction was tossed out. He was pulled over, attacked the officer, and was shot. “I can only imagine what it’s like to know your son is innocent and watch him be sentenced to life in prison, to be exonerated,” said Seth Miller of the Innocence Project of Florida, “then be told that once he’s been freed, he’s been shot dead.” Ben Crump, who takes on cases for black clients, is representing the family: “It is god awful that he would escape that injustice to have his life claimed by more bias.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center thinks it is an opportunity to “reimagine” policing.

Most headlines reported only that the police killed the man. The implication was that the shooting was unjustified.

His mother said she had lived in fear ever since his release.

I was uneasy every time he left because I was like, ‘Will he get a traffic stop? Is he going to be a victim of that? From the time that he was released, he was never set free. Lived in constant fear. . . Is this going to be the day that they’re gonna lock him up, beat him up, or kill him? I lived with that. That is torture.

Police-car footage suggested a much simpler story.

Cure didn’t just attack the police officer; he taunted him as he choked him.

The full footage seems to show that Cure complied until he learned he was being arrested. There is now an investigation about why Cure was pulled over at all.

The Sun-Sentinel consulted five “experts” to decide whether the officer’s actions where justified. While all agreed the shooting was justified at the time, some suggested that the officer was too aggressive to begin with. Of course, such an approach means that the burden is now on police to coddle anyone they stop, especially minorities. Officer Buck Aldridge is getting hostile media coverage because he was fired by another police department for excessive use of force.

The lesson many police officers will take is that when a black man commits a crime, let it slide. A stop isn’t worth the trouble. You might have to kill a man to save your own life. You might be lashed by the media and have your life ruined. Pulling back on stops means more crime and more traffic deaths. Today, that’s a small price to pay for not being called a “racist.”