Posted on February 9, 2023

New Footage Shows Double Amputee Stabbing Man Before Shooting by Huntington Park Police

KABC, February 6, 2023

Huntington Park police have released new video footage in the case of a double amputee who was fatally shot after stabbing one man and threatening to throw his knife at officers.

The family of Anthony Lowe has been critical of the Jan. 26 shooting, saying that he was not a threat to officers because of his disabled condition. They are expected to file a lawsuit against the department and are calling for prosecution of the officers.


In the new video, surveillance footage from a nearby gas station shows why police were called to the scene in the first place.

Lowe is seen, out of his wheelchair and hobbling on his amputated limbs, approaching a pedestrian on the street from behind and stabbing him without warning in the torso.


Later video shows three officers try to detain Lowe as he hobbles down the street at a rapid pace, knife in hand. At one point he turns toward the three officers, who all have their guns drawn, and raises the knife in either a threatening gesture or possibly a throwing motion.

It was at that point, police say, when the officers fatally shot Lowe.


The investigation into the officer-involved shooting is being led by the LA County Sheriff’s department and so far shows that the responding officers tased Lowe twice – but that it had no effect and he refused to drop the knife.