Posted on March 4, 2024

Visitors Run for Their Lives at Georgia Six Flags as Teenager Is Left Critically-Injured After Opening Fire on Cops

Sophie Mann, Daily Mail, March 4, 2024

A teen was shot at Six Flags Georgia on Saturday after police said he allegedly fired at officers following a day of chaos.

Videos of the dangerous scene have popped up across social media that appear to show hundreds of teens running for their lives after gunfire was heard at the park.

A compilation of some of the footage at the park shows multiple brawls breaking out over the course of the park’s opening day. The final scene shows the scramble toward the exit following the gunfight.

Authorities say the 15-year-old, who has been identified as Syere Littlefield, who was left in critical condition following the incident, was one of 500-600 teens running around the park participating in a number of fights that broke out.

Cobb County Police told that one suspect has been charged in connection with the shooting and it remains unclear whether more charges will be filed ‘as the investigation is still active.’

The incident is now under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and has sparked a wave of safety concern about the park and horror at the way the hoards of teenagers behaved.

‘It’s just the fact that the suspects doing these crimes are younger and younger,’ local activist Gerald Rose told Fox5 Atlanta.

‘Summer hasn’t even broke yet, and on the first day of the amusement park, someone at 15 gets shot? We have all this gun violence going on and I’m just very concerned with where we’re headed,’ he said.

The GBI says that the teen fired shots at officers after they attempted to remove the badly-behaved group from the park.

‘You’re a teenager. You supposed to be at home playing Atari video games. You out committing adult crimes,’ Rose added.

Some park goers were concerned about Six Flags’ ability to keep its customers safe. One couple said their bags were not checked when they entered the park.

Park officials clarified that they take guest safety extremely seriously and have ‘moved from manual bag checks to Evolv, an advanced security screen system that represents hands off screening technology to detect metals or any other unauthorized objects.’

‘It is crucial to emphasize that we prioritize safety,’ they said.

Evolv is the same tech used by a number of schools in the metro Atlanta area, as well as much larger venues like Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

On Monday morning, GBI released a statement confirming that, at the request of the Cobb County Police Department, they have opened an investigation into the officer involved in the Six Flags shooting.

The ‘preliminary information,’ they say, indicates that Cobb County officers responded to assist with crowd control at the park after several fights had taken place among patrons.

‘At some point, multiple people began shooting, hitting an unoccupied CCPD marked patrol car,’ read the statement.

Officers fast identified where the shots were coming from and pursued the suspects into the woods. At one point, a CCPD officer fired his weapon, hitting a minor.

The minor, Littlefield, was taken to Grady Hospital for his injuries, where he is listed in critical condition. Police found a handgun near the minor.

Following the completion of the investigation, the case will be handed to the Cobb County District Attorney’s Office for review.