Posted on March 4, 2024

The X Files: Invade Canada Edition

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, March 3, 2024

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There is an uncomfortable debate about the point at which tyranny begets a right of rebellion. In these sensitive times, even broaching the question sounds like incitement. On the other hand, this country was founded on a rebellion to restore natural rights against a government that was a libertarian paradise compared to what we live under now.

I have always thought the critical line was free speech. If you can dissent and explain why policies must change, always use peaceful means. Though so-called “hate speech” laws in Europe are very worrying, there are still major nationalist movements.

But what can we make of this proposed law in Canada?

The full post is worth reading.

The same government that lowered penalties on violent criminals wants to criminalize speech, and impose life sentences for “hate crimes” or “advocating genocide.” Naturally, Meta (Facebook) supports the bill.

The bill defines “content that promotes hatred” as “content that expresses detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of a prohibited ground of discrimination, within the meaning of the Canadian Human Rights Act, and that, given the context in which it is communicated, is likely to foment detestation or vilification of an individual or group of individuals on the basis of such a prohibited ground.”

Any speech “likely” to foment hatred, even past speech that is still up on the Internet, is a crime. If anyone claims to be a victim of what turns out to be “hate,” he can get up to $20,000 — meaning endless claims. The Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ruled in November 2022 that white people cannot claim discrimination.

There is an obvious question: If you are living under a government that permits your group alone to be discriminated against and insulted, and you are not allowed to object without being fined or going to jail, are you free? What foreign rule would be worse? What are you supposed to do when even peacefully expressing your opinion can mean bankruptcy or a life sentence?

If President Donald Trump wins, we should support independence for Quebec and liberate Canada. We’ll save one of the provinces for all the Indians (dot, not feather) there now.

Half-remembered stories from history class, movies, and TV shape opinions.

Remember, these people vote.

An illegal immigrant murdered an American college student. The mayor of Athens, Georgia decided this was a good time to talk about Charlottesville.

The crime was predictable.

Some people say The Purpose of a System is What it Does (POSIWID). What does our system do?

Here is the new agitprop from Radio Rwanda.

The authors appeared on MSNBC bravely to denounce white people.

If there really were a lot of “white rural rage,” we wouldn’t have these problems. Would MSNBC give adoring media coverage to a book that said the authors’ ethnic group is a “threat to democracy”?

It’s scary out there, but the FBI will protect us.

Maybe the FBI asked Google for an image.

Such opinions are part of higher education. From a film shown to students at Davidson College:

The ADL has decided that anyone who criticizes the open-borders policies of HIAS (formerly the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) encourages violence against Jews. This includes Laura Loomer.

Laura Loomer had some strong words in reply to Mr. Greenblatt. “I will do whatever the hell I want and I will keep rightfully maligning HIAS for their treasonous actions of facilitating the invasion of my country,” is my favorite part.

The idea that Laura Loomer is an anti-Semite is a level of chutzpah I couldn’t conceive of before I read Mr. Greenblatt’s post. His audacity never fails to disappoint.

A black playwright does not want white people coming to his show unless they are invited.

Blacks want Jim Crow? It’s about time.

Matt Goodwin has done some valuable work on immigration, but he thinks all-white spaces would be “racist, divisive, and utterly ridiculous.” However, until recent Labour and Tory governments flooded the country with the very mass immigration he now decries, that would have been almost everywhere in Britain.

Speaking of Britain, left-wing leader George Galloway has been returned to Parliament on the strength of the Muslim vote. His first words were, “This is for Gaza.”

People vote their tribal interests. The question is why so many Muslims are in Great Britain. Blame the Tories who have ruled for more than a decade, not George Galloway.

A British man went to jail for two years for inoffensive stickers.

After more than 13 years of Conservative rule, it appears His Majesty’s Government takes orders from antifa.

It can’t happen here? It already did.

The thuggish Letitia James is going after a bake shop in Colorado for some reason. It’s the same one that’s been repeatedly targeted for gay activists for years.

She may be right, which is why the Civil Rights Act must go if we are to call America a free society.

A conservative journalist is turning himself in to the FBI. He works for Glenn Beck’s “The Blaze,” hardly far-right.

I have nothing to add to that.

A major study from the Netherlands shows conclusively that most Third World migrants are financial burden. This is a major rebuttal to the idea that immigration is “good for the economy.”

It warns:

Immigrants who on average make a large negative net contribution to public finances are mainly found among those who exercise the right to asylum, especially if they come from Africa and the Middle East. The latest UN population forecast shows that the total population in these areas will triple from 1.6 billion today to 4.7 billion by the end of this century. It is not implausible that the immigration potential will at least keep pace with this. Immigration pressure, particularly on the welfare states in Northwestern Europe, will therefore increase to an unprecedented degree. (249)

Finally, a white man burnt himself to death to protest the American government’s support for Israel. I don’t encourage suicide or radical political action on behalf of a cause other than for your own people. However, the young man did more for Palestinians than many non-white activists — but he’s too white to get the left-wing benediction, “rest in power.”

Whites: Fight for your own people. They will call you racist no matter what you do.