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Canada hasn’t accepted a single South African refugee this year.

As Trump cracks down, more and more immigrants are heading north.

Lauren Southern reports.

Half of Canadians want them deported.

The Invasion of Canada, Frontpage Mag

Somalis head north.

Montreal’s Olympic stadium is now being used to house the flood of asylum seekers.

But “respecting treaties with Indigenous Peoples” is mandatory.

Muslim militant bags $10.5 million, plus an apology.

Jie Xiao didn’t have much empathy for those under his care . . .

Canada was unprepared for the surge.

They want criminal sanctions for “cultural appropriation.”

Notes on a new part of the Canadian curriculum.

Punjabi-speakers abort girls so they can have boys.

Nearly half of Canadian citizens think illegals should be deported back to the US.

As US enforcement tightens, Mexicans are looking further north.

Hisham Saadi invented the “Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada (C4).”

They are afraid of Trump. Some Africans got frostbite.

Many NGOs want Canada to make up the difference.

And about one third of residents will not be native speakers of French or English.

Some twitter users have promised more violence against him.

Quebec is stirring, too.

How many sad non-whites will actually leave?

“It was just not an experience that he could cope with.”

She is “the Rosa Parks of Canada.”

Taxpayer-funded visions of a non-diverse future.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau better stop using one.

The country let in near record numbers of immigrants last year.

Canadian grocer had to pay $21,000 for wrongly accusing a black man of shoplifting.

A possible result of 12,000 Syrian refugees.

Knocking out her tooth was a crime; just not a hate crime.

BLM didn’t like gay police marching in “pride” parade.

And whites are afraid of being called racists.

Canadian judge goes soft on crack dealer because of “anti-black racism” and “over-incarceration” of blacks.

Blacks are three percent of the population but 10 percent of federal prisoners.

Ayanle Hassan Ali was born in Canada.

Jamaican immigrant to Canada allegedly disinherited his daughter for miscegenation.

Eskimos who marry non-Eskimos are kicked off Canadian reservation.

Non-whites hope the data will boost their calls for more non-white staff.

And all children may choose their sex.

Perp yelled “fuck white people” before the unprovoked attack.

Being Canadian will instead be based on squishy “values.”

He fears he will be killed by police because he is black.

University spokeswoman: “A poster like that is obviously a cause for concern . . . .”

Racial crime stats are “racist,” but racial policing stats reveal “racism.”

A North Carolinian expat filed the case.

East Africans chased white family out of public-housing complex in Calgary.

Locals say Chinese are pricing them out of the market.

Who Needs Western Civilization When You Can Have Sushi?

A Canadian perspective.


Paranoid schizophrenic Jamaican was deported due to “serious criminality.”

Rwandan refugee wants Canada to give him more “socio-economic opportunities.”