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Event was to feature Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern.

They’re also suing the unions that represent them.

The “start of a healing process”?

“We will relentlessly resist. We will not rest. We require restitution.”

The reasons the admissions offices give are “unacceptable.”

It hasn’t divided the conservative vote; it has added to it.

Minister for Public Safety blames the internet and wants more censorship of it.

In Canada, it’s legal to kill and eat cats and dogs.

Another “rush to judgment based on out-of-context video clips.”

She’s attacked for not respecting Muslim women’s “dignity.”

The mayor is an Indian.

Judge: “There is no evidence about what the offender meant or whether she holds or promotes an ideology.”

Refugee youths were plotting a bombing.

Critics say non-French-speakers and non-Europeans make society “interesting.”

“If everyone is Canadian, then to be Canadian means nothing.”

Lefties insist that trying to protect Canadian culture is an act of bigotry.

Whites’ wearing dreadlocks is a form of “passive oppression.”

She thought being Chinese gave her a connection to the community that the Sikh did not have.

Imam says “you can’t prevent” polygamy.

Organized labor in Canada understands the threat of immigration.

Canadian diplomat says Chinese “sort of threw a whole bunch of things at the wall in the hope that something would stick.”

They want stricter vetting of illegal immigrants.

It’s another excuse to pull over blacks who are “minding their own business.”

Will enable “new Canadians” to “hit the ground running.”

Diverse nativity scenes will help us be more open to immigration.

Students will not be allowed to have any “indigenous” mascots on their backpacks or hockey bags.

Blacks are “overrepresented” in all categories of interaction with Toronto police.

“One immigrant in five left Quebec because they didn’t find a decent job.”

No more hijabs or yarmulkes on royal prosecutors.

Some hotel rooms are booked until January.

The name “inflicts damage” on “indigenous” students.

Divided We Stand, New York Magazine

“Let’s just admit that this arranged marriage isn’t really working anymore, is it?”

A former Vancouverite returns to ask, “What became of my people?”

Sikhs who want to establish an independent homeland in Punjab are migrating to Canada.

“It’s Okay to Be White.”

“It’s okay to be white” is a Nazi slogan.

Will increase deportations of illegals by 10,000 a year.

Ads featuring only white models are “visual apartheid.”

Eight of ten councillors are women, but that’s not enough “diversity.”

Fear of cold water, fear of drowning, fear of sharks, and costs prevent blacks from surfing.

The candidate thought the group had disavowed racism.

Protesters don’t like the results of the October election.

Allegations of “years of violent incidents” are just excuses for “discrimination.”

He restates his belief that immigrants to Quebec will not change its “distinct character.”

Shelters are at capacity, and the universities needed their dorm space back.

How a globe-trotting terrorist got to Canada.

Whites are 49 percent of Toronto’s population but 73 percent of residents in the best neighborhoods.

Non-whites want to make the city more like where they came from.

A.I. algorithms can be opaquely discriminatory.

The judge wants “every judge on every sentencing of a Black offender” to consider the perp’s social circumstances.