Posted on November 22, 2023

Christmas, Easter Part of Canada’s Colonial Bias: Report

Postmedia News, November 21, 2023

A recent human rights report calls government holidays for Christmas and Easter discriminatory to religious minorities in Canada.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s report says statutory holidays in the country are an “obvious example” of systemic religious discrimination rooted in colonial bias.


“Canada’s history with religious intolerance is deeply rooted in our identity as a settler colonial state,” the report said.

“No one is free until we are all free. Many societies, including our own, have been constructed in a way that places value on certain traits or identities to the exclusion of others; for example white, male, Christian, English-speaking, thin or fit, not having a disability, heterosexual and gender conforming. Because of this, many people are facing various forms of discrimination.”