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Starbuck’s will add “training” for store managers to deal with “unconcious bias.”

Episode dismisses criticisms as “politically correct.”

Hate Crime Hoaxes in America, AR Classic Article

What leftists don’t want you to know.

Will Generation Z Save Us?

New data on how young people think.


Memorials, protests, and sit-ins brought the beloved attraction back.

Blacks planned the menu, but it’s still “racist.”

A new entry in the list of forbidden words

China doesn’t issue groveling apoligies.

No one seems to care whether what she said is true.

“Race matters a lot more to most people than they’re willing to admit.”

Canada must try harder to teach children racial sensitivity.

Once Great Britain Under Occupation

Will President Trump help liberate it?


It’s not clear who said it, but someone’s got to be fired.

Its lies laid bare in Steven Farron’s “The Affirmative Action Hoax.”

Blacks are 54 percent of the population, but only 5 percent of those with management jobs.

She suggested a room full of blonds could still be “diverse.”

Another scalp: Because apologizing is never enough.

It’s so divisive to be white.

Another word white people aren’t allowed to use?

“Cultural appropriation” is in the air.

Attempt at racial sensitivity backfires.

“To Kill a Mockingbird” banned for language that makes some uncomfortable.

Dean concerned law students will hear harmful viewpoints.

Hate on the March, AR Classic Article

The SPLC’s war on free speech.

She claims: “I am committed to ensuring every child has the opportunity to get a great education.”

The Michigan Legislative Black Caucus is leading the charge.

Satirizing protected groups when in uniform is hazardous to your employment.

More toxic residue from BLM.

Let the character assassination begin; former Rep. Tom Tancredo musing a run for governor.

Surprisingly good sense from Piers Morgan.

Adults see KKK endorsement in 5th grade assignment.

This Asian was not heading to a Shinto or Confucian service.

It passed unanimously.

Black says it was all in fun.

Portland Mayor: “It was the right thing to do.”

“I’m glad we could bring these barbarians a step closer to collecting their 72 virgins.”

Notes from a White Country, Part IV

Diversity and tokenism in Poland’s media.


Idiocy knows no bounds.

Some blacks are more equal than others.

Joke app would turn your face black, Asian, white or Indian.

The word itself is insensitive.

“Some men in some communities . . . feel these young girls are trash who are available for sex.”

Rumors of Wars, AR Classic Article

Two books with which to cure a liberal.

Media spin-masters get to work.

NYT thinks it’s because students don’t want to go to a “racist” university.

The truth would reinforce “racist” stereotypes.

New Jersey blacks are 14 percent of the state population but 61 percent of the prison population.

Another victory for freedom of speech.

Liberal critiques the $PLC.

Absurdity at Evergreen State College.