Posted on August 7, 2023

Chicago Mayor Johnson Snaps at Reporter for Calling Teen Riots ‘Mob Actions,’ Not ‘Large Gatherings’

Stephanie Pagones, New York Post, August 4, 2023

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson reportedly snapped at a reporter for calling young rioters a “mob,” insisting they were just “large gatherings” — and that labeling the riots “mob actions” was inappropriate.

“That’s not appropriate,” the newly minted mayor said in response to a reporter’s question about trends like “mob actions” the city has endured.

“We’re not talking about mob actions. I didn’t say that,” Johnson barked back. “These large gatherings … it’s important that we speak of these dynamics in an appropriate way.”

Hundreds of rioters flooded Chicago’s South Loop late Sunday, when teens took over the area for the second time in just a few days — and looted a local convenience store, Fox News Digital reported.


But Johnson, who took office in May, refused to acknowledge the youth violence as anything more than a “large gathering.”


“There’s history in this city. To refer to children as ‘baby Al Capones’ is not appropriate.”