Posted on July 21, 2023

Let’s Keep America Ignorant

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 21, 2023

Things you must not know, even if ignorance kills you.

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Wired is a lefty site about technology, culture, and politics. Earlier this month, it posted an article called “Why We Don’t Recommend Ring Cameras.”

These are doorbells with built-in video cameras that start recording when they detect motion.

Why doesn’t the author, Adrienne So, like Ring cameras?

“Homeowners shouldn’t be able to act as vigilantes.”

Vigilantes? Catching criminals?

You can guess what’s wrong with that.

When you get a Ring camera, you automatically join a network called “Neighbors,” that comes with a feed of videos and text messages posted by users nearby. Somebody lost a dog or got an image of someone stealing a package.

In more than 2,000 municipalities, if you catch a criminal on video, you can send the Ring footage straight to the police. And if the police hear of a crime in your area, they can ask you for information you may have, including video.

Adrienne So wants all contact with the police taken out of the “Neighbors” network because “it makes it easier for both private citizens and law enforcement agencies to target certain groups for suspicion of crime based on skin color, ethnicity, religion, or country of origin.”

Racial profiling! Miss So didn’t cite a single case of a minority suffering from this, but, gee, something awful might happen, so, Miss So wants Ring to shut out the police, and, if it refuses, wants you to buy a different product: “Ring cameras are cheap and ubiquitous, but contributing to a just society is also a factor in keeping your family safe.”

How about catching crooks to keep your family safe? Nope, videos show who the crooks are, and the truth is unbearable.

There are reasons to object to video surveillance everywhere, but Wired cares only about its pets.

Liberals are so predictable. Feeding their fantasies is more important than catching criminals or facing reality.

Take the online brokers, and Redfin.

Their sites used to include neighborhood crime data with each listing until “Real estate websites Redfin, will no longer display crime data ‘due to racial bias concerns’.”

A Redfin executive explained: “People reporting crimes were more likely to describe their offender as young, male, and Black than would be expected given the representation of those groups in the population.”

I read that correctly. Young black men were reported to commit more than their share of crime. That can’t be possible. People must be lying. Or, when white women hold them up at gun point, they hallucinate and say a black man did it. So, Redfin won’t give you crime data. Too bad if you buy a house in the wrong neighborhood and get your throat slit.

The University of Illinois at Chicago doesn’t seem to care if its students get their throats slit.

It puts out safety warnings if there is a maniac loose on campus, but recently it announced it won’t tell you the maniac’s race. “The decision is a proactive progressive measure balancing public safety with the potential negative perpetuation of stereotypes. Our goal is to make everyone feel welcomed and safe on the UIC campus.”

How does it make even a liberal moron feel safe not to know the perp’s race if a slasher is on a rampage? Suppressing the truth about race is more important than keeping people alive. Many universities now do this.

Some of you no doubt remember “BART officials withholding crime surveillance tapes for ‘fear of racial stereotyping’.”

Gangs of “youths” were rampaging through Bay Area Rapid Transit trains beating, robbing, and terrifying passengers. This BART executive, Kerry Hamill, wrote a note that was leaked. She said videos had to be kept from police and public because they would lead to “sweeping generalizations” and “racially insensitive commentary.”

They might also help the police catch the little swine, but who cares about that?

Let’s get back to Ring. So far, it says it will keep the police portal on the “Neighbors” network because customers like it. However, lefties have hounded the company into stiff Community Guidelines.

Naturally, the sky will fall if you say rude things about protected classes, including illegal immigrants, sexually confused people, and bums. “Prejudice of any kind is not allowed on Neighbors, even if it is unintentional.”

If you report a crime but don’t have video, watch out. If you include an individual’s race in your post, you must either:

Include two additional physical descriptors, such as clothing, tattoos, or mode of transportation. Height, age, and sex are not sufficient, because these physical attributes are too commonplace to be meaningful.

So, wherever you live, there are so many six-feet-tall, teenage black men, that that’s not a good enough description. I’d like to know this: If you see someone commit murder right outside your window, can you report that a six-foot, teenaged, male killer is on the loose (and leave race out), or do you have to say only that what appeared to be a mammal just shot someone? I wanted to ask the company, but you have to use Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat, and I’ve been banned from all of them.

If you use Ring, you must not encourage self-defense: “Suggesting that confrontation is a good form of preventing crime or harm” is a no-no.

That would be “normalizing violence,” and that’s verboten, even if it saves your life.

Ring also says you must not report someone going through your trash, or dumping trash on your property, or report someone hiding on your property, even if it’s from the police. I guess that’s so common it’s not worth reporting.

There is a different neighborhood messaging system called “Nextdoor.” This isn’t a slider. It’s a fixed, homepage image.

Nextdoor seems to think we all live in South-Central LA. Adrienne So is thrilled with it, because it used to have direct links with the police, just like Ring, but it nobly suppressed them in 2020.

It announced the decision on June 18, in the middle of the George Floyd riots. “We have made the decision to remove the Forward to Police feature from Nextdoor. As part of Nextdoor’s antiracism initiatives . . . .”

Anyone who announced a policy change because of riots – unless it was to support the Second Amendment – is a bonehead. I guess if Nextdoor couldn’t defund the police, it could at least make their jobs harder.

The company has anti-racism rules that should satisfy even Miss So. Its protected classes include fat people, pregnant people, and sick people. You can’t call a foreigner an “alien” because that’s “dehumanizing.” You mustn’t call criminals “animals.” Its forbidden hate symbols include the Norse Othala rune (or Odal rune) and even the capital letter Q.

In 2021 it bragged about its new “anti-racism notification to prevent discriminatory language.”

It warns you if you use a phrase that Nextdoor doesn’t ban but really deplores. The examples it gives are “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter.” It won’t even let you type the words “White Lives Matter.”

Nextdoor reminds me of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution in Cuba – sleuths on every block who were called “the eyes and ears” of the Revolution.

Nextdoor will sign you up – for free – for its “Inclusive Moderation Course,” to learn how to decode “coded racism” and “combat both conscious and unconscious bias.”

Your teacher? This lady, who runs something called “The New Quo.”

Get it? Death to the status quo.

Her team will turn you into a certified snoop in no time.

Nextdoor brags that in only its first year, “more than 35,000 volunteer moderators . . . registered for the course.”

What fun they must have, disciplining their neighbors.

On Nextdoor, this isn’t even open for discussion. You can shout support for BLM and Stop Asian Hate, but “Content posted in opposition or as a rebuttal to support for racial equality is counterproductive and harmful.”

No wonder Adrienne So loves this site.

Even YouTube will let you post videos that make fun of people who squirm when you ask them if white lives matter.

These companies, presumably for you and your neighbors, show how broad, deep, and insidious is the determination to keep you brainwashed and ignorant.

Will the Ring people take their orders from Adrienne and decide to keep the police ignorant, too? That’s the choice America faces every day, isn’t it? Run a successful country or subvert, degrade, and ultimately destroy everything in it in the name of egalitarian foolishness about race.