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Inequality = bias.

Leaked memos reveal the difficulties of turning back “asylum seekers.”

SPLC is handling their case.

Hint: It’s causal.

Walmart says the policy was “data-driven.”

One police division stopped blacks at a rate five times their share of the population.

It’s another excuse to pull over blacks who are “minding their own business.”

Obama policy had pedictable results.

“Businesses can’t pick and choose when to enforce rules—and which customers must abide by them.”

“We are going to physically remove ICE from the county jails.”

Non-whites at American University just don’t feel “safe” or “welcome.”

It needs more data from “underrepresentated” populations.

Metro police are “targeting” black fare-beaters.

The women were treated differently because they acted differently.

Potsers depict black actors who have only minor roles in the advertised films.

The officer was also black.

Elected by a town that’s 80 percent white, he now complains of racism.

See Nothing, Say Nothing

Think twice before you consider a black person a threat.


Dating apps that allow discrimination make discrimination “normal.”

Journalists not practicing what they preach.

Irish primary school teachers are too Irish.

Blacks deserve reparations since they were punished for drug crimes.

The Dutch government has discovered the value of profiling.

The focus is on “optics,” not on truth or justice.

Helpful advice is branded “racial profiling.”

They weren’t satisfied when store owners agreed to their demands; now they want the store.

Black woman is eager to press charges for “racial profiling.”

Black drivers getting even worse as police forces pull back.

It can’t be a simple misunderstanding; it must be racial profiling.

It’s a Chinese restaurant.

Company is “exploring potential training content.”

They think it will prove that there is discrimination against blacks in the schools.

Starbuck’s will add “training” for store managers to deal with “unconcious bias.”

“White judges will preside over an increasingly diverse population for decades to come.”

This now concerns National Geographic.

Now it’s easier to “discriminate” against black mortgage applicants.

Is new sub-prime lending in order?

Paved With Good Intentions: 25 Years Later

It was my introduction to sanity.


Malaysia has no “anti-discrimination” or “anti-racism” laws.

“Accent-signalling” in children’s programs affects how they will “engage” with diversity, and it must stop.

Employees supplied names, birth dates, driver’s license numbers, license plate numbers, and room numbers to ICE.

He also said that Islam is not a religion of peace. But he’s sorry for all that now.

Sheriff says video reveals no mistreatment of NFL player.

Portland Mayor: “It was the right thing to do.”

When they can’t ask about criminal convictions, employers are *more* likely to discriminate against blacks.

Bad news for our favorite sheriff.

The truth would reinforce “racist” stereotypes.

Who Will Take Care of You When You’re Old?

Will you be able to choose?


Police racially profiled North Africans.