Posted on June 2, 2023

Biden Wants to Emasculate the Police

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, June 2, 2023

Officers must pretend race, sex, and national origin mean nothing.

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The FBI is taking what must be its worst beating since it was established in 1935. The House subcommittee on the weaponization of the federal government has shown how hopelessly biased it has become, whether it’s about Hunter Biden, Jan 6, Hillary Clinton, the Russia investigation, or spying on political enemies.

A 20-year veteran of the agency says, “The Weaponization Of The FBI Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg.”

He adds, “The once venerable institution deserves the scorn and opprobrium being heaped on it by the bucket full.”

And the agency is vicious: “Whistleblower Warns: ‘The FBI Will Crush You’.”

Garret O’Boyle testified that when he told his boss he thought he had a duty to blow the whistle, the reply was that “I was going to be arrested, fired, and charged.”

FBI brass are stonewalling Congress to the point that “McCarthy Threatens to Charge FBI Director With Contempt.”

There is now too much dirt even for big media to ignore it.

Much less glamorous and almost entirely unknown are Joe Biden’s plans to hobble the FBI’s legitimate function: fighting crime.

Mr. Biden says he doesn’t want to defund the police; he just wants to make sure they can’t do their job. You should read this executive order issued on May 25, 2022, timed to match the anniversary of the death of George Floyd. Its name is the usual Biden jawbreaker: “Executive Order on Advancing Effective, Accountable Policing and Criminal Justice Practices to Enhance Public Trust and Public Safety.”

Here’s how it starts: “It is time that we acknowledge the legacy of systemic racism in our criminal justice system and work together to eliminate the racial disparities that endure to this day.”

It’s going to eliminate disparities – meaning high black and brown arrest rates – by ordering law enforcement not to distinguish between human beings on the basis of basic traits such as race or sex – pretend they don’t even exist – except under very limited circumstances. Race, sex, nationality, etc. have no predictive value, and even to notice them is bigotry.

Mr. Biden ordered each agency to come up with strict rules on how to ignore the obvious, and someone at the FBI leaked theirs to the Daily Caller. This article, with the mild title of “The Justice Department’s Planned Law Enforcement Overhaul Closely Aligns With Progressive Demands,” describes the agency’s deranged fixation on “protected characteristics.”

FBI agents “shall not use Protected Characteristics (i.e., actual or perceived race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, sex characteristics, disability, or gender identity) to any degree, except for the two limited scenarios set out below.”

This means ignoring every experience you ever had, all crime statistics, the nature of the neighborhood, and assuming at all times, that every person of every possible description is equally likely to be the criminal you’re looking for. Every black is just as likely as every Asian to be a mugger; every woman is as likely as every man, everyone in a wheelchair is as likely as a guy doing cartwheels. Only age appears not to be a “protected characteristic,” so officers are allowed to suspect a toddler or a 90-year-old might be less likely than a 20-year old to have just shot someone 19 times.

Here is one of the two “limited scenarios” in which agents may consider the oh-so-protected characteristic of race. A woman says she was attacked by a black man. Believe it or not, agents must not look only for black men. The victim has to have noticed other distinguishing features, such as a scar or a tattoo or a birthmark. Don’t believe me? “If the victim is only able to describe the particular race of her assailant, with no other details provided, officers are not allowed to rely on this description.”

The FBI must think the victim is so prejudiced she could have thought her white attacker was black. Of course, it’s black women are most often attacked by black men. Can you imagine Shaniquia’s fury when she learns that agents will be looking just as hard for whites and Asians unless she can tell them about a birthmark? She will turn the air blue if she says the bad guy was white, but the police refuse to believe her unless she noticed a scar over his right eyebrow and what color his eyes were.

“Perceived sex” is also a protected characteristic that must be ignored. So how does Shaniqua know it wasn’t a woman who beat her up – or, heck, even raped her? Anything is possible these days.

Credit: Albin Olsson, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Can the FBI rule out women rapists if Shaniqua can tell them only that it was a man? She better be looking mighty hard for tattoos. This is obviously crazy.

The second permitted exception for using race would be to act on a description like this: “a man of a particular race and particular hair color in his 30s, driving a blue automobile.”

Now, you can look for that particular perp of that race. If he gets out of his car and puts on a hat so you can’t see his hair color, do you have to forget what race he was?

Here’s another scenario. If FBI agents hear only that someone is about to set off a bomb in the subway, it makes no difference if every other time this has happened, the perp was a bearded Middle-Eastern man.

Credit Image: © Peter Kovalev/TASS via ZUMA Press

Our crack sleuths must put that completely out of their minds and be just as suspicious of blonde teenagers in hotpants. “As a general rule, officers and agents first should seek out and rely on information and factors that are not Protected Characteristics. Reliance upon generalized stereotypes involving Protected Characteristics is absolutely forbidden.”

Every new crime has to be treated as if it came out of the blue. There are no patterns – at least not any based on Protected Characteristics. If a gang conventiently dresses up in clown suits to commit its crimes, I suppose agents could look for criminals in clown suits, because outlandish clothes are not a protected characteristic.

However, you better not notice if the way people dress is associated with a protected characteristic such as race or national origin. “This prohibition extends to the use of facially neutral factors as a proxy for Protected Characteristics.”

Pay no attention to such things as gold chains, dark glasses, or clothes of a certain cut.

Nor may you draw any conclusions about the occupant if this vehicle drives by, rap music blaring.

Those are not useful clues. Noticing is bigotry.

Here’s another winner. FBI agents must disregard everything the local police – and the FBI itself – tells them about crime rates in particular populations or places. “[O]fficers and agents should not use statistics about arrest rates in particular communities when making decisions about where and how to focus their activities. Current and historical patterns of discriminatory law enforcement have led to higher rates of arrest in certain communities, particularly African American communities. As a result, the use of such crime statistics is inherently biased and unreliable and it reproduces the very discrimination that this Guidance seeks to eliminate.”

The only reason blacks are more likely than Asians to be arrested is because police are racist. Don’t fall for those lying statistics, officers! Ignore the fact that victim surveys on race of perp almost perfectly match arrest rates by race. If we overcome police – and victim – racism, blacks won’t be arrested any more often than whites. In the meantime, police must assume not only that every type of person is equally likely to be a criminal but that the white suburbs are just as likely as Juneteenth Street to be riddled with crack dens, and that MS-13 is just as likely to be hiding in Chinatown as in the barrio.

Here’s another stunning guideline. Let’s say the feds want to know more about a group of foreign bomb throwers who are all known to Muslim Arabs.

Believe it or not, “the FBI may not consider ethnicity when developing human sources with information about the organization.”

So, the agency could send an Eskimo to infiltrate a band of South Sudanese maniacs. And once that Eskimo has got the goods on them, they can send him to spy on the Patriot Front.

Or will they somehow make an exception for what is, after all, the greatest domestic terror threat and send a white man?

This stuff is so loony, no wonder someone at the FBI leaked it. It may or may not yet be official policy. The DOJ is not saying. But this is the way our lunatic rulers think. Remember the 20-year FBI veteran I quoted earlier? He also says this: “Coursing, at fever pitch, through the seventh floor of FBI HQ [that’s where the brass sit] is the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative.”

Fever pitch is right.

For now, Mr. Biden’s direct orders apply only to the feds: FBI, DEA, Homeland Security, ATF, etc. But – and this is the way Washington operates – the President has ordered the DOJ to withhold grants to state and local police who don’t toe the line. He wants all police officers everywhere in the country to know no more about human beings than a Martian setting foot on Earth for the first time.

The Biden order also requires report after report – I kept wondering who will even read these infernal things – including a study on the “community effects of use of force by law enforcement officers (whether lawful or unlawful) on physical, mental, and public health, including any disparate impacts on communities of color.”

I would write a two-sentence report: “The more crime, the more use of force. If ‘communities of color’ don’t like that, they should obey the law.”

I’m glad Congress is looking into the weaponization of the government. I wish it would hold hearings on the emasculation of the police.