Posted on April 11, 2023

Verified Hate: ‘Arrested for Memes’

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, April 11, 2023

It would be comforting if facts and reason could convince everyone. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Consider the number of people who spread the following:

This isn’t true.

The police detained the young man for threatening to attack his school. If police had done nothing, no doubt Governor Ron DeSantis would be blamed by many of the same people for allowing an attack. Without Twitter’s new “Community Notes” feature, many people would probably not even know about it.

TikTok is the most popular website in the world. This is what is featured.

TikTok has already banned pro-white videos. This alone may tell us who is truly a dissident. A College Republican probably suffers more repression on campus than the most radical leftists suffer in their entire lives.

Remember, social media needs to be carefully regulated lest people be incited to violence. Also, don’t forget to see the new movie How to Blow Up a Pipeline.

Want to infuriate progressives? Watch this.

You can write whatever complicated analysis you like, but this is the way our legal system works now.

After the recent attack by a transgender on a Christian school, mobs, working with Democratic lawmakers, stormed the state legislature. Some might call this an insurrection, but most journalists seem to support it. They are also scandalized that lawmakers who broke the chamber’s rules were expelled. They’re black after all. It may be too much to expect them to obey rules made for everyone else.

Remember when this guy was heading up the Republican National Committee so the GOP could prove it wasn’t racist?

The audacity of comparison is remarkable. The former senator from Alabama is angry that Democrats are being punished.

Perhaps the real message is that we can’t co-exist with these people.

Canada’s state church has been revealed.

It’s not “state media,” it’s just “public media.”

The ”concept” anarcho-tyranny has gone mainstream. One of the hall monitors at Media Matters is upset about this.

Of course, there’s no attempt to refute the idea, just complain about its source. Perhaps the “rabid white nationalists” have done the best job of describing what’s happening.

A vignette of life in diverse modern America:

Equality before the law is gone and we probably won’t see it come back.

Someone on YouTube interviewed Nick Fuentes. Thus, she is subjected to a struggle session and made to apologize for her heresy. What’s most amusing is that the show complaining about free speech is called “TRIGGERnometry,” which bills itself as a “free speech YouTube show and podcast,” which believes in “open, fact-based discussion of important and controversial issues.”

YouTube shows are brands. It is no longer true that a host benefits from attracting an audience. If a “creator” loses sponsorships or, worse, his YouTube channel, he loses his livelihood. Every “creator” left on YouTube is, by definition, just a product. When conservatives wonder why they have lost the youth culture, they might consider that they did nothing when deplatforming began during the Trump Administration. When they gave away the media, they gave away the future.