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Rector says Jefferson Davis was “a pro-lynching segregationist.”

Church used an obscure Dutch law to thwart immigration law enforcement.

Fruits of an Unfettered Mind, AR Classic Article

Happy birthday to Anthony Ludovici.

Diverse nativity scenes will help us be more open to immigration.

Christianity Turns Brown, AR Classic Article

A look at “The Next Christendom” by Philip Jenkins.

A Class in Iconoclasm

Interview with Jim Goad.


All four founders of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary owned slaves.

Made possible by “book deals” and “wise savings and investments.”

How Democracy Is Losing the World

“The diversity our democracy has on offer is not selling.”


Happy 75th birthday to Alain de Benoist.

A Conversation with Greg Johnson

On traditionalism, free markets, Christianity, and the European Union.


They think Muslims—but not Christians—deserve employer accommodations for prayer.

The Closing of the Conservative Mind

David French leads the way.


Fighting for His People

Dan Roodt and the struggle for South Africa.


Today marks forty years since the Jonestown mass suicide.

“You can’t live sowing hate.”

Guillaume Faye: Philosopher of White Survival

A European perspective on the great questions of our time.


The shameful treatment of James Edwards and his congregation.

Pope Francis calls for a “change in mindset” about immigration.

No calls for Vatican City to change its immigration policies.

Calls for proportional representation of “people of color” in leadership positions.

Offenders will be punished with up to a year in prison.

White liberals “can no longer tolerate the trauma inflicted on our communities by policing.”

The Hungarian Ambassador’s Message to America

An unapologetic defense of nationalism.


She wants to “open up the eyes of white folks.”

Another tech giant in league with SPLC.

“After the demise of Christianity in Europe, there will not be an atheistic utopia, but a rising Islam.”

Comments were seen as a critique of traditional Catholics.

Faith “fueled [white evangelicals’] resolve to maintain control by any means necessary.”

Of course, white Christians have the most.

Biblical law respects boundaries of race and nation.

Anonymous publication for conservative academics drew the ire of lefties.

A Warrior-Scholar’s Fight for Rhodesia

The fighting doc: John Alan Coey.


Evangelical whites voted for Donald Trump, and they haven’t repented.

Their message to Black Caucus: “Represent or go away.”

Muslim managing chaplain wants to change “the Christian domination” in the prison.

Pope says it’s not his job to tell governments what their immigration policies should be.

Not an ex cathedra pronouncement.

The Chinese Uprising Against Whites

What does 1900 tell us about today?


Writer generously concedes that Trump “has never advocated for genocide.”

Christianity is being made more like Islam. Call it Chrislam.

A priest and philosophy professor gently reproves the AR point of view. He calls attention to a larger crisis.

For Faith and Nation, AR Classic Article

A refreshing Christian view on immigration.

Muslim and Buddhist holidays aren’t celebrated with enough gusto at a Catholic university.

Christian organizations say there is “no systematic discrimination.”

“Britain First does not share our values of tolerance and solidarity.”

Life Without Racial Conflict

Hutterite colonies are idyllic whitopias.


Guided Tour of America’s Future

2042 has already arrived in a DC neighborhood.


Racial separation is a “scheme of the devil.”

Reversing one of the lowest birth rates in Europe.