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Faction of the Presbyterian Church of America leads the hate whitey club.

And we got more Christians than Muslims.

Goes on to claim that Christian missionaries, past and present, are “migrants.”

An English leftist ponders the most recent demographic projections.

Who Truly Imperils Our Free Society?

Not white Christians, that’s for sure.


And dissidents are likely to make inroads.

The Camp of the Saints: This Century’s ‘1984’

Does the West have the will to survive?


Cardinal comments that Bannon’s comments are so absurd they shouldn’t be commented on.

Locals are not pleased.

White Christians are now less than half of America.

White Christian Americans are “dangerous;” Islam is non-violent.

Christians go to the back of the line.

What Can Replace Religion?, AR Classic Article

A look at Professor Raymond Cattell’s “Beyondism.”

What Still Unites Us?

Pat Buchanan doesn’t have an answer.


Pope wants Italy to adopt birthright citizenship.

40 years ago.

Hard to see the administration taking nationalist direction from here on out.

Christian college cucks.

Trump is More in Touch Than You Think, The American Conservative

62 percent of Americans and 44 percent of blacks favor keeping the statues.

“God sent his son – a brown Middle Eastern man . . .”

Why do whites not promote their own interests?

Sam Dickson in His Own Words

A veteran activist reflects on a life of devotion to a cause.

Interviewed by Hubert Collins

Quaint Mexican practices come to US.

Alone Perhaps, but Is Trump Right?

Liberated from Leninism, Russia returns to the old faith, as Germany returns to Weimar.


The Road to Oblivion

There is a fate worse than being conquered.


What Can Be Done About Political Polarization?

There is only one long-term solution.


He did the same thing last week.

Courts now interfering with ICE removals.

White nationalism is the hot topic of their national meeting.

Apology says Jesus and the Holy Spirit “cleansed” him of racism.

ICE has a policy of not entering churches.

Atheism used to be confined to the upper classes, but it has now reached the working class.

Is Democracy in a Death Spiral?

Democracy is increasingly seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself.


Being married and white helps.

Camp of the Saints — a haunting novel about the end of the white race.

43 percent of Republicans and 29 percent of Democrats agree.

Fewer than half of all Democrats think Christians in Islamic countries are mistreated.

Jesuits are now experts on immigration, too.

Koran claims Mary was ashamed after giving birth to Jesus.

He’s the pastor of True Love Church of Refuge.

The former Archbishop of Canterbury weighs the arguments.

Toward Renewal and Renaissance, AR Classic Article

The American racial dilemma is only part of the larger spiritual sickness of the West.

How Blacks Changed Our School

A once-vital Catholic school is now is steep decline.


Police say they suspect motive reflects a “religious background.”

Outgoing reverend: “Children of Abraham . . . can live together in respect and dignity.”

A lecture on truths about race and the costs of denying them.

A Warning From the Past, AR Classic Article

Lothrop Stoddard and “The Rising Tide of Color.”

In Jesus’ Name

Does religion make blacks and Hispanics better citizens?


Non-discrimination is more important than religion.

Yet more goofy white people.