Posted on May 26, 2024

ASU Art Exhibit Depicts George Floyd as Jesus Christ

Katie Daviscourt, Post Millennial, May 23, 2024

TPUSA’s Frontlines has revealed that an Arizona State University art exhibit honoring the late George Floyd displays work that depicts him as Jesus Christ. Floyd died while in Minneapolis police custody and his death sparked the historic Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots of 2020.

The art exhibit titled, “Twin Flames: The George Floyd Uprising from Minneapolis to Phoenix” included imagery and narratives that elevated Floyd, who had a lengthy violent criminal history and a drug habit, to a mythical status.

Eliza Wesley, known as “The Gatekeeper of George Floyd Square,” delivered a speech accompanying the exhibit in which she compared George Floyd to Jesus Christ. She described Floyd as the “chosen” one who died for “each and every last one of us.”

“It’s been a rough ride. When I came here today I almost had an emotional breakdown because it reminded me of the day that George Floyd got killed. Where they get you to lay the flowers at, the red represents the blood and the white represents the purification that George Floyd died for us. Each and every last one of us,” said Wesley.

“Had no George Floyd died, we wouldn’t be here. God chose him. He was a chosen vessel. Many are called, but few are chosen,” she concluded, per video footage taken by Frontlines.