Posted on April 25, 2024

Karma Strikes Down Financially Successful Immigrant Who Bragged About Scoring Free Groceries From Food Banks

Revolver, April 25, 2024

An Indian immigrant from Canada got a quick dose of karma after he went online and bragged about how he feeds himself by raiding food pantries meant to help the needy. This man reportedly worked as a data scientist with TD Bank and supposedly earned nearly $100,000 annually. Even though he’s successful and well off, he prefers to get all his groceries for free from a food bank for needy people.


The video he made, where he bragged about pretending to be a struggling student to score freebies, went mega-viral for all the wrong reasons.

New Generation PPC:

Meet Mehul Prajapati, recently, he decided to show people online how they can steal food from foodbanks by pretending to be students at WLU and UofW. Mr Prajapati is a recent immigrant to Canada who was revealed to have a six-figure job at TD bank (which he was fired from).

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as food bank abuse by immigrants and international students had become a particularly serious problem in many college communities. 75% of international students have used a food bank in the last year alone. (Meal Exchange 2021 report)

Keep in mind, these very same students are legally required to show proof of adequate financial support in order to retain their student visas. This is the last demographic who should be utilizing food bank services!


It turns out that this is a growing problem in Canada, where international students, especially Indians, are stealing food from the needy.


{snip} After the video he made went viral, he reportedly lost his lucrative job.

India Today:

An Indian-origin data scientist working at TD Bank in Canada was fired after he shared a video detailing how he obtained “free food” from food banks meant for students. He had boasted in the video that he saved “hundreds of bucks” every month by exploiting the food banks.

The man, identified as Mehul Prajapati, was employed by TD Bank. It took action after people criticised him on social media.

In a video shared on social media, Prajapati explained how he got free groceries from food banks on college and university campuses.

Food banks in Canada are run by charities and provide essential food items to people in need. They are typically used by low-income families or students facing financial difficulties.

Prajapati claimed in the video that he saved “hundreds of bucks” each month on groceries by using the food banks.