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Critics say that if states prosecute illegals for identity theft, it could lead to “discrimination.”

Skilled migrants will have to live outside Sydney and Melbourne.

Asians took 74 percent of the spots.

The other university admissions scandal.

It’s the Samoa First Party.

A “demographic optimist” makes the case.

The measure applies only to local elections.

Opposition says figures are part of a scare campaign.

Criminal Aliens, AR Classic Article

Immigrants brought their bad habits with them.

Taking the Koran literally is “a threat to world peace.”

Immigrants make up a third of Oslo’s population.

“Confucius Centers” spy on us and promote Chinese interests.

Palestinian teen: “I don’t feel white.”

Hawaii is the preferred entry point for birth tourists due to lax customs.

The US is on the path to zero native population growth.

This is the first federal crackdown on birth-tourism businesses.

Guest workers are cheaper than natives.

Warning students of possible consequences is not only discriminatory, it is “coercive.”

20 percent of Minnesota’s population is non-white.

Filipino workers have a high rate of visa overstays.

Legacy media ridiculed Trump when he said Muslims were crossing the border.

Nearly 70 percent say, “Enough!”

How forced marriage, child rape, and chain migration intersect.

Vietnamese teenager: “We must mass protest right now, and band together and hurt any African youths in our way,”

The sea no longer protects Britain.

They say they don’t like doing men’s work and fear they won’t be able to find husbands.

Vietnamese say Sudanese don’t deserve to be in Australia.

US deputy attorney general: “We want China to cease its illegal cyber activities.”

Hispanics and Asians are afraid they won’t get their “fair share” of federal money.

But still wants to turn back boat people.

5,000 Vietnamese now have criminal records and are subject to deportation.

Killer held a personal grudge against the teacher after failing his exams last year.

You import the Third World, you get the Third World.

Chinese immigrants in Germany can’t be trusted, either.

Gangs of Slovak gypsy children roam the streets with whips.

US, Israel, and some Eastern European countries have already backed out.

But he also says: “Skilled migration supports the economy.”

His accomplice has not yet been identified.

668 Bangladeshi illegals were apprehended in fiscal year 2018.

Afghan man was due to be deported in January.

Australia’s Home Affairs minister wants take in only the “best and brightest.”

A former Vancouverite returns to ask, “What became of my people?”

Chinese students are part of “China’s long arm.”

But 58 percent of Asian voters approve of race preferences.

FBI: “The threat posed by Chinese government-sponsored hacking activity is real and relentless.”

Discrimination against Asians is OK if it’s good for blacks and Hispanics.

And the liberal inability to acknowledge it.

Some of Harvard’s admissions preferences were revealed in the 1990s.

With Chinese funds come Chinese insults.

Trial will reveal the boost given to non-Asian minorities.