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It’s simple: They cheat.

China wants to become the top superpower.

Why Nations Fight, AR Classic Article

One hundred and seventy years ago today, the Mexican-American War came to a close.

Victor Davis Hanson’s “Mexifornia: A State of Becoming.”

It’s part of a large-scale federal probe of “birth-tourism.”

“Something has to be done” to make Korea a more diverse society.

If it weren’t for overachieving Asians and whites and “unconscious stereotypes,” there would be no gap.

School challenges authority of DOJ to investigate whether it discriminates against Asians.

Officials are targeting Asian immigrants with criminal convictions.

Repeat offender said he robbed wheelchair-bound woman because he needed the money for drugs.

This Asian was not heading to a Shinto or Confucian service.

Georgetown Law no longer looking at LSAT results.

“Some men in some communities . . . feel these young girls are trash who are available for sex.”

Lauren Southern meticulously documents the decline of whites.

Tales from the Hood, AR Classic Article

A Chinese woman tells what it was like.

BBC make a compelling dramatization of the Rochdale sex grooming scandal.

Muslims attack nationalist.

Said he prayed to Allah for forgiveness after sex.

“The American city of the future.” It’s 25% white.

Libs are astonished that legal immigrants oppose amnesty.

Notes on the coming demographic transformation.

Punjabi-speakers abort girls so they can have boys.

Sanctuary city becomes sanctuary courtroom.

Lefty notes that the Japanese are doing much better than Hmong . . . doesn’t say why.

They say country is a “colonial construct,” and must be abolished.

Including two members of MS-13.

Chinese immigrants riot in Paris after a police killing.

Princeton does not want to revel how it treats Asian applicants.

Mustafa Bashir was angry his wife was wearing Western clothing and socializing with “English slag girls.”

A white man defended her against three non-white attackers.

Some leftists think China deserves an apology from Mexico.

Native blacks don’t like newcomers from Somalia and south Asia.

Because she is Indian and always will be.

How Russia Deals with Immigrants

Americans have something to learn.


Each year, an estimated 36,000 Chinese come to the US to give birth.

A new way to have an anchor baby.

Why Are Asians Invisible?

Because liberals want it that way.


Don’t Write Off the Liberals, AR Classic Article

A real racial movement cannot be exclusively conservative.

Laos refused to take her back.

Some Asians want statistics on Hmong, Samoans, etc. Others would rather not know.

The beating of a newspaper intern stopped when one attacker said, “Stop! He’s not white! He’s Asian!”

Kun Shan Chun was naturalized in 1985 and started work for the FBI in 1997.

They pay $50 to $70 thousand each to be smuggled in.

A “vibrant” new industry corrupts American system.

They can bring China with them.

He is a naturalized citizen from Taiwan.

Born in Taiwan, naturalized citizen.

A Cambodian-American navy commander reverts to type.

Mo Hailong planned to steal proprietary corn seeds from DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto.

But Obama still wants to let in 10,000 next year.