Posted on February 7, 2023

Migrants Abandon NYC for Canada With Taxpayer-Funded Bus Tickets

Jack Morphet et al., New York Post, February 5, 2023

Disgruntled migrants fed up with the Big Apple’s crime and grime are taking off to the Great White North — on bus rides paid for by New York taxpayers, The Post has learned.

National Guard soldiers have been helping distribute tickets at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan to migrants who want to head upstate before crossing into Canada, several migrants said.

Venezuelan native Raymond Peña and his family arrived at a gas station bus stop in Plattsburgh, NY — about 20 miles south of the Canadian border — at 4 a.m. Sunday.

“The military gave me and my family free bus tickets,” Peña said. “I am going to Canada for a better quality of life for my family.”

A National Guard source confirmed that soldiers at the bus terminal were directing migrants to workers who hand out the free tickets.

Mayor Eric Adams’ administration pays various companies that run programs for migrants that include “re-ticketing” so they can travel to other cities, a City Hall source said.

Various nonprofits, including Catholic Charities, also help migrants who want to flee Gotham, the source said.

A spokesperson for Catholic Charities Community Services said it’s helped “thousands of new migrants,” including some who “reported their desire to relocate to other cities, and Catholic Charities provided some assistance for their travel expenses.”

Destinations are limited to within the US due to restrictions that prohibit the migrants from leaving the country while on immigration “parole” pending the outcome of asylum proceedings, a source said.

But word has spread among the migrant community that Canada — where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has touted the country’s “proud and longstanding tradition of welcoming people seeking safety” — is the place to go.

Migrants routinely tear up their American immigration documents while traveling from Plattsburgh to the Canadian border, with The Post seeing scraps of paper with references to the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration and Customs Enforcement on the floor of a shuttle van.

The van — which has the word “Frontera,” Spanish for “border,” painted on its sides — is one of three operated by “Chad’s Shuttle Services.”

Driver Tyler Tambini, whose girlfriend’s brother owns the company, said passengers arrive like clockwork on the five buses from New York City that stop in Plattsburgh each day.

“There’s gotta be 100 people a day,” said Tambini, 23. “I do this all day. They get dropped off and I take them the rest of the way.”

Tambini said his employer charged single migrants $40 to $50 each and families $90. Taxi drivers, who charge single migrants $70 each, compete for business by rushing to the buses to solicit passengers and help them with their luggage.

The Post accompanied several groups of migrants who rode Tambini’s van from the Mountain Mart gas station to a cul-de-sac at the end of rural Roxham Road, just steps from the Canadian border.

After trudging north along a snow-covered path and through a break in a concrete barrier, the migrants were stopped by Mounties stationed in an elaborate complex of metal sheds.


Mounties then escorted the migrants up an enclosed ramp and into a shed for processing.


As of Wednesday, an estimated 43,900-plus migrants had flooded into the city since the spring, with more than 28,400 living in 83 hotels and five “Humanitarian Emergency Response and Relief Centers” established in larger hotels and the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.