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Government can’t phase out the program because its reasoning is “capricious.”

An argument for staying in the EU?

The Turkish government wants them out.

About 130 to reach Mexicali today, with hundreds more to follow.

Many said the bill was too weak and that immigration will just get worse.

Columnist says St. George is a symbol of xenophobia and racism.

Garrett Hardin tackles questions most choose to ignore.

Why the Authoritarian Right Is Rising

“[Hungarians] don’t want to become a minority in their own country.”


Prophetic speech was delivered 50 years ago today.

Is Diversity Driving Decline in the White Population?

“America doesn’t need more people; it needs to allow its own people to recover.”


More than half of them live in California, Texas, New York, and Florida.

Supporters say they have the votes to pass a DACA amnesty.

Her fake husband tried to bring in his real wife.

Mixed-race families claim miscegenation proves Powell was wrong.

Britain has its own “Dreamer” problem.

Trashing Populism: Dim-Bulb Academic Vs. Deplorables

“[W]orking-class “losers” are being labelled illiberal fascists for . . . wanting a local economy around which to center flesh-and-blood communities.”


The High Court ruled that the money would guarantee the children “a safe and comfortable childhood.”

Liberals say broadcasting a reading of the speech is an incitement to racial violence.

Hundreds of Chinese immigrants protest a proposal for homeless shelters.

Some states resist the call to send their National Guard troops to the border.

Paroling immigrant detainees is “dangerous.”

Comments were seen as a critique of traditional Catholics.

Selma: A Civil Rights Legacy

Former activist says “Selma is dying.”


Trump Must Stop ‘Refugee Caravan’ Invasion with Executive Order

“Other than stare these brazen people down, what will the National Guard do?”


All were in the country illegally; most were from Mexico.

They’re to stay there until Trump gets his wall.

How Trump’s Presidency Will Be Judged

“If he leaves office with the border unsecured, it is hard to see what stops the Third World invasion . . .”


Agencies receive receive $3,000 to $5,000 for each refugee they resettle.

Most of those in the “caravan” are from Honduras.

Tens of thousands of Africans will be “absorbed” in the European Union, Canada, and the US.

Does Trump Have the Right Stuff?

Will he hold firm like Israelis or crumple like Spaniards?


Australia’s “non-discriminatory” policies mean there will be no special help for South African farmers.

Open borders is the Left’s tool for getting whites out of power.

Illegals’ private information will be kept from the federal government.

Opinion Pages Don’t Reflect America

Both Left and Right agree.


Trump argues that a border wall serves national defense.

Democrats think illegals should be part of the US census.

Coulter “can’t imagine how it could be any worse.”

Sex attacks have also become more violent.

Despite the drain on its services, Canada remains committed to taking in refugees.

“Gunman” swore allegiance to ISIS.

Many of them use Europe as a way-station for getting to the U.S.

Marine Le Pen: In its immigration madness, the left is ready to trample Western civilization.

“That bill is a sellout to the entire community, we would never support something like that.”

City councilors say sanctuary law conflicts with US Constitution.

At present, EU countries send back only half of migrants denied visas.

Orban: “Those who do not stop immigration at their borders will be lost.”

Protesters make it clear they don’t want to assimilate.

Immigrants and their children are responsible for 85 percent of the UK’s population increase since 2000.

He says cities should be sanctuaries for Americans, not safe havens for criminals.