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Pretty White Australian Girls’ Lives Matter

Another casualty of diversity.


“These sanctuary cities need to make sure they’re on the right side of the law. They need to look at this. Because I am.”

With Muslim immigration comes terrorism.

Will meet with that country’s president about the problem.

Court’s top official formally recommends that migrants be forced on Eastern countries.

Every one of them has a criminal record.

Author of “The Strange Death of Europe” talks about the demographic transformation of Europe.

But “respecting treaties with Indigenous Peoples” is mandatory.

The Death of Europe in 29 Pictures

Scenes from the “refugee” crisis.


Exempting “bona fide” family relations is not good policy.

Cooperating with the federal government no long necessary for receiving money from the federal government.

Governor and Lieutenant Governor double-down on support for statewide anti-sanctuary bill.

30 didn’t even have criminal records.

Claims that letting them dock would be “very dangerous for public order.”

Emmanuel Macron and the Crisis of the Elite

Is he stumbling towards sanity?


New visa requirements are rigorous.

Dear Bret Stephens: Why Not Treat America as Well as Israel?

Hypocrisy at the New York Times.


“Clowns Without Borders” will liven up integration events.

Lauren Southern reports from the front lines.

But also says promises from refugee resettlement agencies won’t be honored.

The visas would allow migrants into any EU country.

H-2B Visas and Labor Shortages, Economic Policy Institute

These are jobs Americans are doing.

He’s a member of the nationalist/populist 5 Star Movement.

Sanctuary Cities of Defiance, The American Conservative

It may not be easy to bring them to heel.

This is the *key difference* between Hillary voters and Trump voters.

Not all babies are created equal.

Stephen Miller and Steve Bannon are behind it.

DHS Secretary John Kelly says feds won’t defend the law in the face of challenges from states.

And that’s even though they would prefer to stay in the EU.

“I’m going to run a very vicious and ruthless campaign against Tim Kaine and I’m going to win.”

Suddenly even leftists are questioning open borders.

President Trump ends another Obama-era program.

CNN host can barely contain her rage.

Alone Perhaps, but Is Trump Right?

Liberated from Leninism, Russia returns to the old faith, as Germany returns to Weimar.


Iraq knuckles under. China and Hong Kong still holding out.

“Force and Determination” plans to run candidates in next year’s congressional elections.

A sign of the times.

More Europeans face up to their demographic future.

Warnings From the Lion, AR Classic Article

Churchill understood the threat to the West.

Mexican Foreign Minister still insists it won’t happen.

More thorough vetting of “refugees” could save many lives.

As many as 500 migrants arrive in Paris every week.

With the latest challenge blocked, the decision goes to SCOTUS in October.

ICE: “We’re still focusing on criminals, but we’re not confined to them.”

Lauren Southern meticulously documents the decline of whites.

Even the most cursory look at the news shows as much.

Mexico is now the destination, not the byway.

Democrats may vote for the law for fear of defeat in 2018.

He worries Europe will be overwhelmed by the new arrivals.

No issue puts the two groups more at odds than immigration.