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Can a White Man Be the Democratic Nominee?

New York Times actually asks the question.


Illegals formerly allowed to post bond and disappear will now be detained until their hearings.

Fees average $10,000 per person.

He says his plan has the support of Stephen Miller.

U.S. soldiers complied to deescalate the situation.

“Wisconsin woman” Waheba Issa Dais.

Educational level is not sufficient for selecting “high-skill” immigrants.

Nearly 200,000 Nepalis live in the U.S.

There Is No ‘Labor Shortage’, Center for Immigration Studies

When employers complain of a shortage, they mean a shortage of workers willing to accept low wages.

This information wouldn’t be available to the public if Donald Trump weren’t president.

That is how they pay people smugglers.

Trump wants to go “in a tougher direction.”

NYT blames Trump for making a bad situation worse.

They’re “not afraid” of Trump’s threats.

Trudeau to “asylum seekers”: Stay in U.S.

“Miller’s recent ascendancy on immigration is seen as a return to the core issues that got Trump elected.”

Appeal would go to the 9th Circuit.

He wants an international alliance of nationalists.

Sanders says open borders is a “right-wing proposal.”

The radicalism of the Left may lead to Trump’s re-election.

All talk, no action.

Border officials are tied up dealing with “migrants.”

Businesses claim that without immigration they will have no workers.

The largest single workplace raid in a decade.

Whites are just 22.9 percent of California K-12 public schools.

ICE is getting “limited cooperation from the state.”

Trump personally tasked Kushner with the job.

Trump thinks he needs someone to “coordinate immigration policy across the various federal agencies.”

9th Circuit rules unanimously against the Steinle family.

Tennessee is suing.

Common Sense on Immigration, AR Classic Article

Two excellent books on immigration.

Trump says he’s “not playing games.”

Bill’s sponsor: “Sanctuary sheriffs are putting politics ahead of public safety.”

Operation Sophia will rely on air missions and coordination with Libya.

A Blackwash of Justice

Charges dropped against Jussie Smollett.


$1 billion toward 57-miles of 18-foot-high pedestrian fencing and other infrastructure.

Tomorrow Should Be Our National Holiday, Not July 4

It’s the 229th anniversary of a vitally important law.


The average Somali immigrant arriving to Finland will cost the state $1 million.

They were all caught—and all claimed asylum.

Critics say that if states prosecute illegals for identity theft, it could lead to “discrimination.”

$17 billion sent to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras in 2018.

American Bar Association wants the immigration court system to be modeled on the U.S. Tax Courts.

Iraqis don’t want to be “replaced.”

Thierry Baudet: “We won because the country needs us.”

He wanted to avenge migrant deaths.

The conditions that provoked the atrocity must be addressed.

Bolsonaro: “The vast majority of potential immigrants do not intend to do good to the U.S. people.”

More than a million illegals with “final deportation orders” are still in the country.

If it passes, Dems want to move on to “comprehensive immigration reform.”

A dozen Republicans joined Democrats’ efforts to stop Trump.