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They were all caught—and all claimed asylum.

Critics say that if states prosecute illegals for identity theft, it could lead to “discrimination.”

$17 billion sent to Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras in 2018.

American Bar Association wants the immigration court system to be modeled on the U.S. Tax Courts.

Iraqis don’t want to be “replaced.”

Thierry Baudet: “We won because the country needs us.”

He wanted to avenge migrant deaths.

The conditions that provoked the atrocity must be addressed.

Bolsonaro: “The vast majority of potential immigrants do not intend to do good to the U.S. people.”

More than a million illegals with “final deportation orders” are still in the country.

If it passes, Dems want to move on to “comprehensive immigration reform.”

A dozen Republicans joined Democrats’ efforts to stop Trump.

Russia needs 300,000 additional people per year just to reach net-zero growth.

Bringing in the nationalist party will help “represent voters widely across counties and political preferences.”

The country is expected to have 507,000 “non-Western” immigrants by 2060.

Why Nationalists Like Andrew Yang

Is he better than Donald Trump?


That hasn’t stopped refugee boosters from criticizing the Trump administration.

Our “Fellow Citizens”: The ISIS Women in Britain and America

A country that belongs to everyone isn’t a country at all.


Populism is having a toxic impact on support for refugees and migrants.

It’s the Samoa First Party.

Trump wants to assuage businesses that want more cheap labor.

It hasn’t divided the conservative vote; it has added to it.

Citizenship “not just for them, but the entire family.”

Bill de Blasio’s wife will be featured.

Opposition says figures are part of a scare campaign.

Police get paid more if they know a second language.

Criminal Aliens, AR Classic Article

Immigrants brought their bad habits with them.

Since the Brexit vote, European immigration to Britain is down 70 percent.

Can Trump Stop the Invasion?

“And what does failure mean for America’s future as one nation and one people?”


Salvadoran police may even form their own “caravan.”

“This is something we can expect to see more of in the coming weeks.”

“Children are being used as pawns to get into our country.”

Democrats agreed there was a crisis in 2014; things have gotten worse since then.

Ten teenagers knifed to death in Britain since the start of 2019.

Lax immigration laws, not violence in home countries, account for Central American immigration to US.

Catch and release of Central Americans is the biggest “pull factor.”

Finance minister: Denmark will no longer have a system in which “refugees become immigrants.”

SPLC is handling their case.

Tribal Divisions, mynewsonthego.com

The “unearned demographic momentum” of Democrats.

She raises money by breaking the law.

Just 262 “refugees” have landed in Italy the past two months.

The Politics of National Identity

Progressives reluctantly admit it won’t be easy to get rid of us.


Taxpayers pay for DACA recipients to go to college in 12 states.

Migration minister: “[Y]ou must of course return home and rebuild the country from which you came from.”

He wants Florida law enforcement to work more closely with ICE.

“We’re gonna be forgotten people. It’s an insane, insane process.”

. . . then released.

Interior minister promises to “step up” efforts to get migrants out of the country.

Communist rule in Venezuela has sent more than 400,000 Hispanics to the U.S.

‘Fear Mongrels’

Jussie Smollett spread hatred for white America.