Posted on July 12, 2023

What Has France Learned?

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, July 12, 2023

After the worst civil disturbances in more than a century.

Thumbnail credit: © Gao Jing/Xinhua via ZUMA Press

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France is now calm after Arabs and Africans rioted, looted and burned for eight days. [Videos of the riots and aftermath.]

Ordinarily, they wreck only the outskirts of big cities, near their own housing projects in the suburbs. This time, they spread mayhem to small towns that had never seen it before. There was violence in no fewer than 500 cities, towns, and villages.

The police counted more than 2,500 buildings attacked, including 250 schools and 209 police stations. Some of these symbols of the French state were completely destroyed.

Trash bins are so much fun to burn that rioters torched 12,400 of them.

Metz, in the east of France, had never seen immigrant violence. This time, its main library burned to the ground. In Brest, at the very tip of Brittany, rioters incinerated a brand-new gymnasium and social center. A gay bar closed after social media posts threatened that “we burn faggots in hell on the Koran.”

Twelve thousand private vehicles went up in flames; drivers fretted about whether their insurance covered riot damage. Looters and arsonists were careful to smash 1,000 surveillance cameras.

In one of the still-white Paris suburbs, L’Haÿ-les-Roses, immigrants tried several times to burn down city hall. The white conservative mayor set up barricades and spent the night guarding the building.

So, rioters tried to burn down his house instead. They rammed a car through the front gate and tried to set it on fire. His wife and young child were injured as they fled.

Forty thousand extra police were put on the streets, and 700 officers were injured. They arrested 4,000 people; average age, 17. Insured damages are well over a billion dollars; uninsured damages, perhaps even more.

So many buses and trams went up in flames – tens of millions of dollars worth – that Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin ordered an end to transit service after 9 p.m.

Credit Image: © Gao Jing/Xinhua via ZUMA Press

In France, immigrants and their children riot just like blacks in the United States. France had its first race riot in 1979, and there were especially nasty ones in 2005, 2009, and 2017.

In the 1990s, immigrants started celebrating New Year’s Eve by burning the cars of French people. Police add extra patrols and drivers garage their cars, but about 1,000 still go up in flames every year. Last year’s headline was, “874 cars were torched in France on New Year’s Eve – fewer than in previous years.”

So, what touched off this year’s festival? A police stop.

At 7:55 in the morning of June 27 in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, two motorcycle cops saw a brand new, yellow Mercedes Benz speeding in a bus lane.

This model goes from zero to 100 km/hour (63 miles/hour) in 3.9 seconds and costs about $40,000.

The driver looked much too young to own one.

He stopped at a light and the officers turned on flashers and sirens.

The car then ran the light, and sped wildly through the streets for 20 minutes, nearly hitting a pedestrian and a bicyclist. It was forced to stop because of traffic, and the cops dismounted and told the driver to cut the engine. Instead, he took off, and one of the officers fired a single round.

He gave first aid at the scene, but the driver died. He was Nahel Merzouk, a 17-year-old Arab, too young even to get a license.

[Police video that retraces the events.]

His mother released this photo.

Police deal with his type all the time. He was a high school dropout. He never knew his father. He was “known to the police” for “resisting officers” five times just since 2021. He had 15 entries on his juvenile record, including illegal driving, false plates, and drug dealing.

According to a 2017 law, French police may shoot a fleeing driver if he is a danger to them or to others, and the officer claimed he was about to be run over.

Bad luck for him. A video turned up, showing the moment he fired, and the Mercedes is clearly not about to hit him.

Merzouk’s mother started calling for “a revolt for my son,” and Arabs answered the call. Mom, seen here, has become a media personality and grand marshal for demonstrations.

Credit Image: © Yoan Valat/EFE via ZUMA Press

Here, you can see the demonstrators.

Credit Image: © Yoan Valat/EFE via ZUMA Press

Unlike in the BLM movement in the US, whites have not taken to the streets for Merzouk.

Even before the video came out, Merzouk’s grandmother showed up at the accident scene, where police overheard her saying, “The two policemen will not escape . . . . I will cut the throats of those who shot my [grand] son. There is a terrorist who will catch them all.”

It’s a dreary tale. A police officer risks his neck chasing a speeding car for 20 minutes. He finally catches the young thug – in what’s bound to be a stolen car – who then takes off on what could be another 20-minute chase. The officer fires in frustration, and cooks up an excuse before an awkward video appears. The country goes up in flames. This officer is charged with murder, and we have just seen what will happen if he doesn’t get a very stiff sentence.

This is the terrible plight of every white society that must deal with a hostile, crime-prone, non-white minority. Would the officer have shot a white boy? I don’t know, but Momma does: “He saw the face of an Arab, a little kid, and wanted to take his life.”

The UN knows, too. This lady, Ravina Shamdasani, has never lived in France, but she is brown and went to college in the United States, so knows by intuition that, This is a moment for the country to seriously address the deep issues of racism and discrimination in law enforcement.”

The BBC scraped up non-white activists in France to say that the police are too white.

USA Today quoted a French professor who says that the problem is obviously the police.

France is run by idiots. President Emmanual Macron blamed video games.

Credit Image: © Guillaume Horcajuelo/EFE via ZUMA Press

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said riots had nothing to do with immigration, because of the 4,000 people arrested, fully 90 percent were French citizens.

Credit Image: © Imago via ZUMA Press

Bruno Retailleu, who leads the conservative opposition in the senate, shot back that sure, they are French citizens, but “for second- and third-generation [immigrants] there is a kind of regression to their ethnic origins.”

Credit Image: © Vincent Isore/IP3 via ZUMA Press

Lefties called him a “crass racist,” “dripping with racism.”

Marine Le Pen of the National Rally was silent for five days before she denounced “40 years of totally anarchic immigration,” but then said the problem one of “assimilation.”

Credit Image: © Imago via ZUMA Press

Only Eric Zemmour, the Algerian Jew who ran to the right of Miss Le Pen in last year’s presidential elections, called the riots “early signs of civil war.”

He said his country has a nation within its borders that hates France. He insisted that France cut immigration to zero, end birthright citizen and family reunification, and deport all delinquents and criminals, as well as any non-citizen on the dole for more than six months.

Too bad young Marzouk was killed, he said, but being shot by the police is an “occupational hazard” for a “thug.”

The French police unions put out a statement denouncing the “savage hordes,” wrecking France. It’s conclusion: “Today, the police are in combat because we are at war. We put the administration on notice that tomorrow, we become part of the resistance.”

The French have livelier debates than we do.

But which way will they go? Copy us and decide that police are the problem, and watch their cities collapse? Or realize that seven million blacks and Arabs – 10 percent of the population – cannot be assimilated and are incompatible with Western Civilization?

France isn’t alone. The US, Britain, Sweden, Germany, Canada all have seen enough to know the horrors of multiracialism – but do nothing. Let’s hope at least the East Europeans, who still have white countries, are paying very close attention.