Posted on July 12, 2023

Verified Hate: Twitter Still Can’t Handle AmRen

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, July 12, 2023

We begin with a strange incident on Twitter. A user spoke about Jared Taylor in a private group and then, suddenly, found his account access limited and his verified checkmark taken away.

It was restored after several people tweeted about the issue on the platform.

All this is completely unnecessary. Elon Musk has given a great deal of ammunition to his enemies with his arbitrary and seemingly random decisions on censorship. What Twitter needs are free speech and simple, clear Terms of Service that apply to everyone. All I want is the Twitter that existed in 2015, and for some reason, NGOs, governments, and billionaires seem utterly determined to prevent it.

Elon Musk still hasn’t restored Jared Taylor’s access to Twitter. We hope he will honor his rhetorical commitment to free speech soon. However, I don’t underestimate the obstacles he faces. For example, he recently said that he would respect anonymous accounts on Twitter. Conservative influencer Jordan Peterson said this is a mistake and made frankly bizarre charges that it would doom us all.

Let’s be charitable. If the various Civil Rights laws protected an individual from being fired because of ideology, Dr. Peterson’s position would be appropriate. However, those laws do not. Currently, Americans cannot openly express their views without the risk of being fired. Because leftists usually cloak their views either in non-white identity politics or union organization (both protected by the government), they have nothing to worry about. For those on the Right, it’s a different story.

Legally protecting an individual from dismissal on account of his ideology is not an extreme view. Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has suggested doing just that. Naturally, Reason magazine says that would be an attack on “freedom of association.” That’s about as relevant as saying it would violate the prerogatives of the British Crown; freedom of association hasn’t existed in this country since the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Still, whatever protections might exist, abolishing online anonymity would be a drastic step. Some of America’s greatest political writing was done anonymously or under pseudonyms, from Common Sense to the Federalist Papers. Arguments should be analyzed on their own merits, not because of who makes them. It’s especially arrogant for Jordan Peterson to advocate abolishing anonymity given the death of free speech in his country, Canada. Not everyone can get a gig with the Daily Wire to make edgy statements about not using some transgender’s pronouns.

That said, some things don’t change on Twitter. MSNBC still tweets out clickbait, even old clickbait, such as this July 10 reference to an article more than a year old.

The “brown scare” is a business tactic for MSNBC and CNN. Without Donald Trump in the White House, there’s not much else for them to talk about (except Russia). One conservative journalist put it best:

Don’t click. Instead, annoy a journo and hit the gym.

The context for the following video of migrants reaching Europe isn’t present. However, notice the NGO worker celebrating.

Controlling illegal immigration means confronting the NGOs carrying it out. They should be treated as traitors facilitating an invasion.

A black woman found something to be offended about.

One can’t help but notice that she chooses to “Be Black in a Rich, White Suburb.” I suppose a Twitter thread about being black in just another monolithic black ghetto wouldn’t get as much attention.

South African Dricus Du Plessis won an upset victory in a fight attended by, among others, former president Donald Trump.

Black fighter Israel Adesanya took exception to his victory. Apparently, the South African isn’t African.

Perhaps he’s right. However, what would happen if a European fighter said the same about non-white fighters masquerading as Europeans? It shouldn’t be controversial. The invaders might even agree.

There is a great struggle in Asian-American communities between those who suffer from “diversity” policies and those who want a cut or a staffing position in some diversity bureaucracy. If you choose the latter strategy, it’s best to accuse Asian-Americans of being adjacent to “white oppressors.”

This is one of the largest problems in American politics. If Asian-Americans aren’t won away from this, we will have another high-IQ group championing anti-white policies that will make life worse for everyone not directly involved in the academic-educational-NGO conglomerate.

Returning favorite Michael Harriot saw a humorous post about the Oklahoma panhandle and took the opportunity to complain. It’s a typically schizophrenic combination about rhapsodizing about all-black communities and the awful whiteness of “Whitekanda.”

If the panhandle actually is the fabled ethnostate, maybe we should relocate. Who needs Hyperborea when we have Oklahoma?

From once-Great Britain, there’s breaking news. Air is racist.

Also, London can’t “arrest its way” out of the crime problem.

El Salvador disagrees.

You said it, Mr. President.

Germany could also take a lesson from El Salvador.

Don’t complain about it too loudly online. That at least would get the German government to spring into action.

Your reaction to the following will say a lot about your politics.

Progressives are outraged the police were faking tickets. I can’t help but think we should get rid of the incentive system that gives them an interest in tickets being “equitable.”

Groups will never be affected or perform equally. Disparate impact is a lie. Either we admit it, or this absurdity will continue in every sector of our increasingly chaotic national life.

A horrible story from a subway system follows. No, not a stabbing or assault. Those things are part and parcel of diversity. Instead, some white people were singing.

It’s hard to see the reaction to this and not conclude whites are simply hated for being white, simply because some people were told to hate them for being white.

For the Great and the Good, this is much better.


There is a Tik-Tok influencer calling himself “Mizzy” who destroys stuff and enters people’s houses as a “prank.” Tik-Tok bans white advocates, but you can make a career doing what Mizzy does. He’s been arrested, but the British government gave him a slap on the wrist, and he even went on television to mock the weak system. He’s still at it.

I’m pretty sure he knows what he’s doing. There’s nothing to “learn.” The British government is simply unwilling to do what must be done to protect decent people from parasites.

Behold our moral superiors.

Historians may study it, but whether they think it is good or bad depends on us.

Behold the Great Replacement (in employment).

Perhaps it is just a coincidence this followed the “Racial Reckoning,” but perhaps not.

Many dissidents seem to think Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is someone worth supporting for president. Unfortunately, when it comes to race, he’s repeating the same old platitudes.

Black neighborhoods are “food deserts” because there is high crime and low impulse control. It’s hard for businesses to operate and many blacks don’t want to buy healthy food.

Some white celebrities get together for dinner. However, because they are white, they provide an opportunity to make a racial complaint. Luckily, Western Civilization’s Reply Guy was there to save us.

We don’t deserve Steve Sailer.

Sometimes delivery drivers don’t want to go to certain areas. Some call this racist. Others might say it’s simply prudence.

Your life (or even some bruises and a stolen car) isn’t worth a delivery fee. (Besides, it’s not like they will tip.)

In modern America, crime is not the problem. Noticing crime is the problem.

It’s probably a good idea to get a doorbell camera.

A man just won Miss Netherlands and will now compete in the worldwide Miss Universe contest. Presumably, uh, “it” will win. One commentator noticed the way this works.

Everything is downstream from ideology.

Cheap labor and mass illegal immigration aren’t an economic necessity. They are a deliberate choice to dump externalities on the people instead of employers.

We don’t have to live with a permanent underclass when, actually, we can replace them.

Finally, one reason I’m a white nationalist rather than an American nationalist is that racial politics are much the same in every Western nation.

The issue isn’t nationality. It isn’t “culture.” It isn’t law. It’s race, and all that comes from it.