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Germany can’t deport him, so they pay him.

Why the Authoritarian Right Is Rising

“[Hungarians] don’t want to become a minority in their own country.”


Prophetic speech was delivered 50 years ago today.

A German “human rights organization” says that isn’t enough.

Group’s eastern European operations are moving to Berlin.

A Report from Europe and an Invitation to Viewers

The 2018 AmRen conference is just one week away.


“Youths” are mad that police checked the identity of a veiled woman.

Mixed-race families claim miscegenation proves Powell was wrong.

The Scandza Forum: Normalizing Nationalism

A report from Sweden.


Britain has its own “Dreamer” problem.

“Social unrest, with car torchings, attacks on first responders and even riots, is a recurring phenomenon.”

The America They Fought For?

95-year-old veteran murdered out of “misplaced anger.”


Teachers say the class is needed to “prepare a child for life in modern Britain.”

The High Court ruled that the money would guarantee the children “a safe and comfortable childhood.”

Liberals say broadcasting a reading of the speech is an incitement to racial violence.

Erdogan: “Never make concessions on your mother tongue, your faith and your solidarity with one another.”

Vatican historian: “Apparently, every single critical historian must now shut up.”

He says white South African farmers are true refugees.

“Anyone who does will be caught, and they will feel the full force of the law.”

Suspects are Algerian tourists.

Viktor Orban wins 67 percent of parliamentary seats.

Muslim students threaten teachers, other students with knives and pepper spray.

“People expect to hear about people being killed on a daily basis.”

The legal problem is that Switzerland has no repatriation treaty with Eritrea.

Chancellor wants to avoid the developement of “parallel societies.”

The West Cannibalizes Itself, American Conservative

“When in history has a civilization turned on itself with such savagery as we see in the West today?”

The Racial Politics of ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’

New video game sparks controversy.


Most of those arrested were Lebanese.

LeaveEU says 3 million Muslim votes are more important to Labour than 300,000 Jewish ones.

Censorship is spreading in Europe.

“We want to inspire the Flemish youth and the European youth to stand up for their heritage and future.”

Sex attacks have also become more violent.

They will hold meetings to “enlighten” the locals during construction.

Serbia has one of the world’s fastest-shrinking populations.

Many of them use Europe as a way-station for getting to the U.S.

British liberals finance violent anti-free-speech group.

Marine Le Pen: In its immigration madness, the left is ready to trample Western civilization.

Comedian calls it “a very, very dark day in regards to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.”

What Does Putin’s Reelection Mean for the West?

Can Russia lead a return to nation and tradition?


Talk was titled “The Scientific Importance of Free Speech.”

Life in a White Country

Ukraine may be poor, but it is white.


At present, EU countries send back only half of migrants denied visas.

A Swedish organization prowls the internet for “hate speech” to report to the police.

Orban: “Those who do not stop immigration at their borders will be lost.”

Immigrants and their children are responsible for 85 percent of the UK’s population increase since 2000.

Arab crime family now controls Berlin’s drug and prostitution trade.

Older voters want “a world where passports were blue, faces were white and the map was colored imperial pink.”

The solution is to step up integration efforts.

Leftists react in horror.

“Ireland was a colony of England . . . and now it’s a slave state again, of Brussels.”