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The bill bans “refugees” from bringing in their relatives.

Viktor Orban calls George Soros a “public enemy” and says he orchestrated mass migration into Europe.

The more Pakistani and Bangladeshi voters, the greater the likelihood of electoral fraud.

They will fight terrorism and illegal immigration.

Italy must decide “if our white race . . . should continue to exist or if it should be wiped out.”

Germany received 187,000 “refugees” in 2017.

Send Them Home

Temporary protected status should be temporary.


They can’t get jobs and end up on the dole.

Never-before-seen mutations found in “refugees” coming from Horn of Africa.

Orban: “We see them [migrants] as invaders.”

“To say that in the long run this heralds the makings of a societal catastrophe is to understate matters.”

Denmark’s tough asylum rules send 1,500 of them south to Germany.

Let Them Build Wakanda!

In fantasy movie, blacks lead the world.


“What better way to show refugees that they are welcome?”

Three nationalist parties in Italy agree to expel all illegal immigrants.

Police are withholding information about the nationality of the perps.

A talk by Jean Camus with subtitles.

It’s turning patriotic politicians into martyrs.

Contracts with companies profiting from migration will be bought out.

92 percent of the increase in violent crime in Germany can be attributed to immigrants.

Greek and Turkish heads of state agree to work more closely to resolve migrant problems.

Alexander Gauland, Foreign Policy

The German intellectual steering the AfD.

Police accuse member of Bundestag and EU parliament of “inciting hatred.”

The decline is attributed to a deal with Turkey and to the closing of the “Balkan route.”

The Best of American Renaissance in 2017

The editor’s picks.


Populism could become “the new normal” for Europe.

“Women’s Safety Area” will be staffed with police and psychologists.

Figures do not count those in state-sponsored “apprenticeships.”

1,000 out of 1,200 were Muslim.

Christianity is being made more like Islam. Call it Chrislam.

Vote on amnesty bill effectively defered until after elections in March.

“Integration is not working properly.”

The Illusion of Inevitability

Ephialtes returns.


There are demonstrations across the country.

By 2060, one-third of all “Dutch” will be non-European.

Advising women not to go out alone after dark was “unfortunate and unclear.”

Nationalist party will control Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Interior.

Two-thirds of EU citizens say immigration has a negative impact on their society.

EU migration commissioner: No corner of Europe must be allowed to remain “migrant-free.”

We thought immigrants were going to pay for whites’ retirement!

Immigrants also responsible for sexually molesting children at swimming pools.

Is Romania Part of the West?

A warning against romanticizing the East.


He agrees with EU president that the current policy is ineffective.

Migrants find life in Europe is harder than expected.

Non-whites have difficulty finding work in EU institutions.

Nationalist party wants tighter immigration reform in exchange for budget support.

Eastern European countries say that mandatory quotas undermine their sovereignty and homogeneity.

Even a Soros-funded group knows that “asylum seekers” can be terrorists.

Polish government gets the same treatment as AmRen.

But he would keep Italy’s doors “open wide” for genuine war refugees.