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Notes From a White Country, Part I


If diversity is a strength, one expat lives in one of the weakest places on earth.


He was one of two black students in a school of 600.

“London is a city of ghettos behind a thin veneer of civility . . . .”

Humanitarian concerns make it hard to disarm “Islamist threats.”

Researcher says integration would lead to “trusting and cohesive communities.”

By a vote of nearly two to one.

ISIS has claimed responsibility.

Named Mohamed.

Turkey demands respect, or “no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets.”

From €500 to €1,000.

A new novel imagines it.

Terrorist isn’t white.

Le Pen and Macron face off for the first time.

“We said we would use the opportunity of leaving the EU to take control of our immigration system and we will do exactly that.”

Poland is refusing to submit.

He was speaking to his “brothers and sisters in Europe.”

“The influx of refugees from Syria is one of the biggest factors in the statistic . . . .”

Report: Police should have deployed in force after first attacks.

Amnesty International is planning anti-Trump events around the world.

The results of last night’s election weren’t as bad as have been reported.

Italian children are pawns in leftist brainwashing campaign.

Let’s Make Russia Our Sister Country!


They could be a great ally in the West’s war with Islam.


Things aren’t looking good for Geert Wilders.

Bulgarian volunteers plug holes in their border with Turkey.

Is Turkey Lost to the West?


Rising ethnonationalism across Europe may mean Turkey is out, and Russia is in.


Dutch elections coming up Wednesday.

The left is comparing her to Le Pen and Wilders.

Camp of the Saints — a haunting novel about the end of the white race.

Is a Breakthrough Possible in France?


French voters will get a choice that is even more stark than Trump vs. Hillary.


“Brother, enter a partnership with a Spaniard, teach her that Islam is the true religion.”

Viktor Orban: Islam is a “Trojan horse for terrorism.”

. . . each year.

The Truth About Sweden, Weekly Standard

The data we do know show migrants bring trouble.

And they have only three days to appeal deportation.

It will be electrified.

Turks offended they can’t hold campaign rallies in Germany.

Five had been granted refugee status.

Marcon: “Doing so would not help combat the terrorist threat and would divide the country.”

Dutch Military police normally protect embassies in countries like Iraq.

UN: German society may be too focused on anti-Semitic past to grasp extent of their anti-African racism.

White working-class voters, that is.

How welfare works in Denmark.

First use of the law in 46 years.

Wilders is worried he will be assassinated like Pim Fortuyn.

They were headed for Europe.

They now get meals, a bed, counselling, and Spanish lessons.

Combatants were rival Eritrean and Sudanese gangs.

Over a third of her own party agrees.

Paris isn’t what it used to be.

Muslim Insurrection in Europe?


This is what it could look like.