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Students must learn how to “decenter whiteness.”

Police wouldn’t stop antifa from blocking people who wanted to hear the speech.

CNN anchor: Farrakhan is more dangerous than the Alt-Right.

“Your existence, privilege and success as a race is built on the backs, blood and death of people of colour.”

Germany’s migrants do not understand taking turns.

“Die cracker.”

A word so taboo, even academics can’t use it to illustrate taboos.

Artist: “It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing.”

“It’s okay to be white” is an opening to “dangerous messaging.”

Whites must figure out how bad they are on their own.

Aussie court rules that having been racially vilified is no excuse for being a racist.

The purpose is to foster racial discord and seize power.

“The course needs to be taught, so that’s what’s going to happen.”

Lecturer defends his attacks on white student: “‘Whiteness’ is synonymous with evil.”

KDM Lifeguard’s Racist Rant Angers Locals, North Coast Courier (South Africa)

“If he is a lifeguard, will he leave the whites to drown?”

Students should break the law in order to smash white supremacy.

Writer generously concedes that Trump “has never advocated for genocide.”

But will face no jail time.

University officials never criticized paper’s racist columns until white students began complaining.

Antifa beats up people because of their ideas, not because of race, religion, or ethnicity.

Because of the Senate, rural voters have too much power.

“For people of color by people of color.”

University columnist to whites: “I hate you because you shouldn’t exist.”

To blacks, gentrification means “We’re taking over your community.”

“Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son.”

Jihad not against Christians or Jews, but against other Muslims.

“How to spot them in their natural habitats.”

Some words are “literally a form of violence.”

How GuideStar was successfully pressured to reject the SPLC.

Charges against him were filed by Soros-backed anti-racist groups.

Black woman was “sick of fancy white people.”

It’s a state crime only “if it was intended to entice a hate crime.”

Muslim attacker actually being prosecuted for a hate crime.

Blogger Forces Black Official to Resign from Post

Official may be removed from other positions.


The Left’s “tolerance” on display.

“Straight white men are a big problem, that’s for sure.”

The beating of a newspaper intern stopped when one attacker said, “Stop! He’s not white! He’s Asian!”

“All lives can’t matter until black lives matter. Kill all white cops.”

Students at 99 percent non-white school trampled her and called her a “white bitch.”

He calls it “affirmative suicide.”

They say “there is no such thing as whites being victims of reverse racism.”

While resisting police, he called them “white devils” and said “crackers crumble.”

“I will execute approximately 16 white male students and or staff.”

Shouting “Fuck you, you filthy white fucks!” is “antithetical to our values and goals as an institution.”

Black Lives Matter activists invade Dartmouth library, yell “F*ck you, you filthy white f*cks!”

She’s accused of making a “racially motivated malicious communication.”


“Oink Oink . . . Bang Bang!”

He wants 10,000 men “who say death is sweeter than life under tyranny.”