Posted on February 14, 2019

Michelle Obama’s Stylist Talks Fashion’s ‘Frustrating’ Lack of Diversity

Leah Bitsky, Page Six, February 13, 2019

Meredith Koop, the stylist behind Michelle Obama‘s flawless wardrobe, has a bone to pick with the fashion industry.

“I’m a white woman. I interact with people in fashion of all different races and backgrounds, but I will say that I find the fashion industry to be not diverse,” Koop explained {snip}.


The fashion consultant also revealed that she has turned down projects that aren’t inclusive. {snip}

“I’ve had jobs where I’ve said I don’t want to do that job because it’s just a bunch of white women and I don’t want to style a bunch of white women.”

In a somewhat awkward turn, White [Constance C.R. White], who seemed to misunderstand Koop’s statement, asked, “Isn’t that being racist against white women?”

Following a few uncomfortable chuckles from the audience, Koop replied, “We could go into that, but I don’t really believe in that concept.”