Posted on August 9, 2023

Texas Elementary School Teacher and Self-Professed Black Supremacist Danielle Allen Is Fired

Will Potter, Daily Mail, August 9, 2023

A Texas elementary school teacher has been fired after she shared a slew of ‘racist’ posts on social media – including one saying she ‘enjoys being racist’ and another complaining about her sister dating a white man.

The teacher, named as Danielle Allen, 29, lost her job after the Mesquite Independent School District says it became aware of ‘alarming, racist’ remarks she shared on X, formerly known as Twitter.

‘As of this morning, the employee is no longer a part of the Mesquite ISD organization and is not eligible for rehire,’ the school authority said Tuesday.

The school system slammed her for the ‘highly offensive’ posts, which also saw her brag about believing her job was ‘safe’ because she didn’t ‘directly wish harm on ALL white people.’

The educator also allegedly self-described as a ‘Black Supremacist’ on her X profile, however the account has since been removed or deleted.

The teacher, who appeared to use the alias ‘Claire Kyle’ online, saw her offensive posts surface Monday at around 4pm when the school campus was tagged in one of her posts, district spokeswoman Laura Jobe said.

Jobe added that by Tuesday morning, the teacher was no longer with the school, and the school district released a statement condemning her behavior ‘in the strongest terms.’

Among the posts, which have been deleted but screenshots continue to circulate on social media, was one that read: ‘A white man??? A good dude?? You smoking crack??’

‘Why shouldn’t I hate white people? Why should I show y’all any love at all?’ Allen continued in another post. ‘Name a big historic moment where white people did anything for black people out of the kindness of y’all’s heart?’

‘I enjoy being racist’, she wrote in one of the posts. ‘I’m never changing.’

Allen also ranted and raved in her car about her sister’s apparent relationship with a white man in a video, where she vowed to do ruin the fling ‘with everything in my power.’

She added that watching the multiracial couple break up would be ‘so fun and so satisfying’, and had even allegedly threatened to plan to kill him.

In an ironic move, some screenshots appear to show the teacher bragging about how her posts wouldn’t get her fired as they sparked fury online.

‘First day of school, walking through the halls while Twitter thinks they can take my job from me,’ she wrote: ‘Call me every name under the sun but y’all will NEVER be able to call me unemployed!!!’

In another post, she noted that people targeting her online had discovered worked and brought it to her school’s attention.

‘They told me to delete the post, but my job is safe since I did not directly wish harm on ALL White people,’ she said. ‘They laughed and told me to watch what I say, and I’ll be good to go.’

‘Just talked to the school board and my job is safe. I told them it was a joke, and they know I’m not racist so have fun.’

The teacher reportedly worked for the school district for four years, and spent the last three at Thompson Elementary, according to the Dallas Morning News.

In the statement announcing she had left her post, the school system said: ‘At approximately 4pm yesterday, Mesquite ISD became aware of a series of alarming, racist statements posted to the X (formerly Twitter) account of a teacher at Thompson Elementary.

‘Upon learning of this situation, our Personnel staff began an immediate investigation. As of this morning, the employee is no longer a part of the Mesquite ISD organization and is not eligible for rehire.’

The authority added that it could not provide more details due to ‘privacy restrictions.’

‘Nevertheless, the highly offensive statements posted to her X account do not reflect the values and standards of Mesquite ISK, and the district condemns them in the strongest terms.’