Posted on December 22, 2022

Verified Hate: What’s ‘Absolutely Necessary’?

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, December 22, 2022

The United States Congress, with bipartisan support, will probably pass a $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill. “I don’t think there’s anything in this bill that isn’t absolutely necessary for the health of the country,” said Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT). “I don’t anticipate that it’ll have any extraordinary inflationary effect.” Why not? “[M]uch of that [spending] is going overseas.” Ukraine gets billions.

The bill will pass, although a Twitter poll with more than three million votes shows overwhelming opposition. Every poll released yesterday showed that an overwhelming majority say the country is heading in the wrong direction.

What are the “absolutely necessary” items in this bill? First, there is more money for “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs in foreign aid.

There’s more money for “housing equity.” Though the language is vague, there is a bad precedent of the government using its power to uproot communities and replace residents.

We need more money for “environmental justice.”

The FBI, recently exposed for helping censor information in the 2020 election, is getting a new headquarters.

The bill explicitly forbids more funding for border security.

You might think the FDA’s job is to make sure our food is safe and whether medicines and vaccines are effective. Your rulers have different priorities.

America is awfully busy with the war in Eastern Europe, but it’s still on the front lines in the war for diversity.

In unrelated news, the United States Marine Corps is may drop “sir” and “ma’am.” You don’t want to misgender your drill instructor.

Perhaps it’s better that Southern heroes will no longer be associated with the regime’s military.

All this is “absolutely necessary.” But let us not blaspheme against what is decided in the sacred temple of our democracy, which was so tragically desecrated.

In 1950, Puerto Rican independence activists almost assassinated President Harry Truman. Four years later, they fired into the House of Representatives and wounded four members of Congress. In 1971, the Weather Underground bombed the Capitol. In 1983, communist activists bombed an office near the Senate conference chamber. In 2017, a left-winger tried to murder the Republican caucus and seriously wounded Rep. Steve Scalise. Apparently, January 6, 2020 was much worse.

National Public Radio is not our friend. It was scandalized because important people read our website. Nontheless, we pay for it, and for a monument to “journalists who sacrificed their lives in service” to the cause of a “free press.”

Occasionally the government does something right. A federal lab recently made a historic breakthrough in nuclear fusion, but even this must be drenched in the verbal soup of diversity and inclusion.

Below is an example of center-right coping.

George Soros DA Larry Krasner has been a disaster for Philadelphia, but he won re-election overwhelmingly. The Pennsylvania House impeached him, but it was a party-line vote, meaning he has unanimous support from the party that won the governor and Senate elections this year. There’s little reason to believe he’s on the way out. It’s more likely he’ll move up the Democrat ladder.

A French woman claimed a white conservative wearing a COVID-19 mask raped her. A French publication reported it was actually a black man under a deportation order.

There’s another case of shape-shifting in once Great Britain. Good Morning Britain’s Adil Ray, product of a Pakistani father and Kenyan mother, thinks Britain is full of “systematic racism” because “black people are worse off.” (Perhaps there is another explanation, but never mind.) He got his start as a comedian. He was unhappy he “rarely saw families like ours on TV,” was ready to “put that right,” and eager to “share my culture with a wide audience.”

His current pinned tweet is about helping people who suffered from floods in Pakistan. Good for him, though it suggests he is still attached to his father’s homeland. Adil Ray is a vocal defender of Meghan Markle. Naturally, in today’s United Kingdom, he is a Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

Mr. Ray, OBE is outraged that someone suggested he is not English.

Jared Taylor was born in Japan. He speaks Japanese and is very familiar with Japanese culture. He’s written a book on Japan. Thus, he is Japanese.

YouTube will not let American Renaissance have an account. It will allow supposed socialist Hasan Piker. His message is simple.

Whites shouldn’t play the victim game; just note the double standards. Mocking Christianity and Christmas is standard behavior in modern America and the term “cracker” doesn’t quite land – unlike the punches of Sam Hyde, which is why Hasan Piker will still not fight him.

If “cracker” makes you shrug, perhaps the insult “melanemic” will get under your skin.

Melanemia is a tragic defect. Oddly, it’s associated with superior academic, economic, and cultural achievement. Further study is necessary.

Feel like torturing yourself by sitting through To Kill A Mockingbird? Sorry, you get no moral credit.

Perhaps blacks glaring at you is part of the appeal.

I’m bracing myself to review Avatar 2: The Way of Water. I’m not looking forward to it. Like the first, it celebrates a main character who fights not just against his race but his species. This hasn’t spared director James Cameron from accusations of racial insensitivity.

The first film has the “villain” sneeringly ask the “hero,” “How does it feel to betray your own race?” That, of course, meant that the movie is about white saviorism.

If you’re white, you’re racist. If you think humans should stick together, please note that “speciesism” and even “queer speciesism” are serious academic topics.

From Saira Rao’s group:

I disagree with “Lakota Man” here.

This should be retweeted. If you think these Indians are the “original Founding Fathers,” you’re not an American.

Below is your weekly reminder that the centuries-long Irish struggle for self-government and independence may have been pointless.

What good was driving out the British if Ireland is to be ruled by the Third World?

TikTok bans white advocates. This user is not banned.

I hope the tweet below is an exception, but perhaps it is not.

What are the practical benefits of diversity? Foreign food and non-whites to play on “our” sports teams. The compulsion to win games contributed to the moral collapse of the American South.

Whenever the World Cup comes around, there’s an entire genre of stories about the dependence of European teams on non-European players. Winning is so important that even ethnic riots are apparently a price worth paying.

This year, an almost all-white Argentine team made the finals against an almost entirely non-French “French” team. The Washington Post didn’t like that.

The article was written by Erika Denis Edwards, author of the “award winning book,” Hiding in Plain Sight: Black Women, the Law, and the Making of a White Argentine Republic. Her article now begins with a correction:

Due to an editing error, an earlier version of this article noted that roughly one percent of the Argentinian population was Black according to a 2010 government-released census. While the number of Black people cited was accurate, the percentage was actually far less than one percent and the piece has been amended to state that.

Argentina won. Many people, including some Argentine fans, noticed the racial differences and the fact that the “French” team wasn’t very French.

Soccer, as we Americans call it, is not known for being politically correct. Notice the legendary player Diego Maradona’s reaction when Italians booed his national anthem in 1990. I know enough Spanish to know what he’s saying isn’t appropriate for a family publication.

Argentina isn’t perfect, but congratulations to a self-aware, white Western country in Latin America that has so far rejected white guilt.

Let’s enjoy some vignettes of vibrancy in “Our Democracy” and across the pond.

However, don’t be too active in pointing out anti-white hatred on Twitter. You may catch a ban just for noticing it.

It’s a mistake to believe this will make companies wake up. Nike recently beat expectations in its quarterly financials. Corporate America will not stop this.

Just about anything can become a racial issue. More than 157,000 people agree.

If there’s one thing non-whites are known for, it’s being quiet and non-disruptive.

Twitter still has plenty of outright hatred against whites.

God bless America. And its true flag.

Actually, we can’t say America anymore.

Perhaps dismissing the term “American” is for the best. Are these your countrymen?

None of what’s happening should be a surprise. The problems haven’t changed since 1958. Read this entire thread.

Until whites’ attitude changes, you’ll just have to get back to work. Someone has to pay the salaries of your political opponents and their non-white pets.

Let’s end on a positive note. The most important thing we can do is support each other.

In that spirit, I’m asking everyone please to support Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice. They have both given excellent talks at American Renaissance. Their new baby was born premature, and the couple face steep medical bills. Please give if you can.

Our rulers don’t care about us. Our so-called religious leaders don’t either. It’s up to us.