Posted on July 19, 2018

Croatia Is the Real World Cup Winner

Paul Kersey, American Renaissance, July 19, 2018

In 2018, a team of six white Frenchmen and 17 non-whites won the World Cup, defeating an all-white Croatian team 4-2. The French non-whites were mostly African immigrants from the former colonies, and seven were practicing Muslims.

In 2014, an almost entirely white German team won the World Cup. In 2010, an all-white Spanish team won the World Cup. In 2006, an all-white Italian team won the cup (defeating a multiracial French team in the final). This means that of the past four winners, only this year’s French team reflected the multi-culti zeitgeist, but the racial cheerleading started immediately.

Sarah Harvard, a writer for Intercept, New Republic and the Washington Post tweeted:

Khaled Beydoun, who teaches at UC Berkeley, tweeted:

Julia Ioffe, a correspondent with GQ magazine, wrote:

Sabrina Siddiqui, a reporter for the Guardian, tweeted:

President Barack Obama got on the bandwagon during a highly publicized speech in South Africa: “Not all of those folks [on the team] looked like Gauls to me. But they’re French! They’re French.”

Professor Peniel Joseph, who teaches public affairs at the University of Texas at Austin, wrote for CNN that France’s electrifying 4-2 World Cup win over Croatia represents a victory for Africa and immigrants everywhere.” He added that “the World Cup champions remind us all that, in an era of globalization, racial and ethnic diversity represent an enduring strength at all levels of society . . . .”

Does anyone really believe that winning a soccer tournament justifies “the great replacement”? Oddly, when Italian, Spanish and German teams won, CNN did not offer space to nationalists to explain the strengths of homogeneity.

What would the world have been saying if an all-white team from a tiny nation of four million people had won? Would anyone have pointed out that diversity and mass migration are why France is in a “permanent state of emergency”?

In the intoxication of triumph, the four days of race riots in Nantes that took place during the tournament were apparently forgotten — perhaps because the French have fresh problems to worry about. After the victory, large scale riots and looting broke out in Paris and across the nation, leaving millions in property damage. More than 100,000 police officers and 44,000 firemen were called on to protect the country from people who curiously, as Mr. Obama would note, don’t look much like Gauls.

Meanwhile in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, the World Cup runner-ups were greeted as heroes with mass celebrations. There was no looting or burning. No need for extra police or firemen.

Soccer player Mario Mandzukic during welcome celebration Croatia. (Credit Image: © Ivica Galovic/Xinhua/Xinhua via ZUMA Wire)

Croatia has decided not to base immigration policy on what happens on the soccer pitch. It has joined the Visegrad Group (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia), as well as Italy and Austria in deciding to remain a coherent nation. On the very day of the final match, Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic promised that “Croatia will continue to protect its borders.”

Croatia was the real winner of the 2018 World Cup; it is still a nation.