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Muslims plan to use the streets every Friday.

Author of “Partition” gives perspective on Islamization of France.

White Hats, White Fighters

The French Foreign Legion in its glory years.


Man yells “Allahu Akhbar” before knife attacks; “might” be a terrorist.

They went to war against France in order to become “real Muslims.”

Millennial Red-Pilling and the Future of Europe

The keynote speech of our 2017 conference.


Locals are not pleased.

All terrorist attacks this year have targeted soldiers or police.

We’ve just gotten used to it.

Will Europe Restrict African Migration?, The American Conservative

Its survival depends on it.

In a word, “no.”

French President notes, “No country can take all the economic migrants.” 

Author of “The Strange Death of Europe” talks about the demographic transformation of Europe.

The Death of Europe in 29 Pictures

Scenes from the “refugee” crisis.


Emmanuel Macron and the Crisis of the Elite

Is he stumbling towards sanity?


Lauren Southern reports from the front lines.

“Youths” burn nearly 900 cars to celebrate Bastille Day.

Not all babies are created equal.

More Europeans face up to their demographic future.

Are Whites Waking Up?

Brexit, Trump’s election, and Marine Le Pen’s first-round victory are hopeful signs.


As many as 500 migrants arrive in Paris every week.

Mayor defies courts.

“Racists” don’t deserve pensions, apparently.

Auto Da Fé, Frontpage Mag

Car-fire jihad comes to Oslo.

Interior Minister: “The terrorist threat to France shows no sign of abating. The hardest is predicting when and where terrorists will attack.”

Nine Eritreans are being held.

The party won only between one and ten seats in the 577-member parliament.

May is saying “Too much is too much.”

Man who defeated Marine Le Pen is already accused of racism.

Attacked a cop with a hammer before being shot.

Back to the Jungle.

Legislative elections could turn Macron into an instant lame duck.

“Multicoloured descendants” would “kill right wing poison in the egg.”

But no change in immigration policy.

National Front still aiming to be the primary opposition party.

Teacher’s Pet, Frontpage Mag

France’s new president is the embodiment of Europe’s lack of masculinity and assertiveness.

What’s in Store for the National Front?

Its chances should be even better in 2022.


Citing statistics carries consequences.

Says she never intended to make a career of politics.

Life After the Collapse, AR Classic Article

Guillaume Faye looks at how whites will emerge from the rubble in “Archeofuturism.”

Government manages to detain someone before an attack.

Macron and Le Pen Square Off

A sharp exchange over radically differing visions.


Charges against him were filed by Soros-backed anti-racist groups.

Movie star endorses Le Pen.

“Anti-Racists” battle with police.

Deal lets British officials do immigration checks in Calais.

A new low for American cuckservatives.

Historically unpopular president warns of populism.

Is Macron the EU’s Last Best Hope?

Can the French nation survive the next French election?


Despite Fillion’s endorsement of Macron.