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An interview with the French New Right luminary.

Even though French banks won’t lend to her campaign.

Le Pen and Macron face off for the first time.

Attack happened in public, in broad daylight.

Camp of the Saints — a haunting novel about the end of the white race.

Is a Breakthrough Possible in France?

French voters will get a choice that is even more stark than Trump vs. Hillary.


A British centrist tries to understand.

Non-white students are now ransacking and setting fires in schools.

“There was no clear information about a possible motive.”

She can now face charges for her tweets.

Marcon: “Doing so would not help combat the terrorist threat and would divide the country.”

White working-class voters, that is.

National Front leader brushes off attacks.

This is the ninth time he’s been convicted of “inciting hate.”

Her support has been increasing for weeks now.

At least 15 thousand people in France are radical Islamists.

Centrist aligns with Socialist because of the “threat and major danger” of the “far-right.”

French President: “the UK cannot shirk its responsibilities towards child refugees any longer.”

Meanwhile, French police were raiding her headquarters in Paris.

She will certainly win the first round of voting, but the second round looks tough.

Combatants were rival Eritrean and Sudanese gangs.

Paris isn’t what it used to be.

She has more followers on social media than any other French candidate.

She is not saying why she was there.

Second-place candidate Francois Fillon is just as good on immigration.

Is Liberal Democracy an Endangered Species?

“European peoples are largely fleeing from the future America preaches and promises.”


Patriotism and repression in Brittany.

It was a 17 percent rise compared to last year.

AP’s year roundup: “The uncertainty is thick enough to breathe.”

He said it was a “problem” that some classrooms in his city are 91 percent Muslim.

Special protection is needed for churches and synagogues.

They “are part of a criminal milieu involved in arms smuggling.”

There is worry that Breitbart will help tip election to the AfD.

She says, “It’s the end of playtime.”

The Daily Beast discovers Alain de Benoist and Guillaume Faye.

Ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy eliminated in primary.

Now, the unthinkable has become conceivable.

The French Fear Islamization but Do Nothing

Not even the Front National is prepared to act.


France has closed dozens of mosques in the past year.

The government is about to open a £6m facility with a soccer field for them.

A comprehensive look at how “far-right” parties in Europe have gotten to the brink of power.

Rival migrant gangs beat each other with clubs on the streets of a trendy Paris neighborhood.

As many as 2,500 migrants are sleeping rough in Paris.

Thousands march against muggings by perps “generally of Arab or African origin.”

Police battle “migrants” in central Paris.

Thousands are determined to stay and go to Britain anyway.

Migrants threw rocks at the 1,200 officers trying to remove them from the camp.

She’s losing 44-56 percent in a theoretical matchup against Nicolas Sarkozy.

The Art of Racial Paralysis

France cannot solve its race problem until it recognizes it has one.


Crew was doing a documentary on the Calais “jungle.”