Posted on June 10, 2024

President Macron Dissolves Parliament and Calls Snap Poll After Drubbing by National Rally in European Elections

Thomas Brooke, Remix, June 10, 2024

French voters will head to the polls again later this month after President Emmanuel Macron announced the dissolution of Parliament and called a snap election following his party’s devastating defeat in the European elections to the right-wing National Rally (RN).

The French president addressed the nation shortly after the official exit poll had predicted a resounding victory for the party of Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella, who were expected to amass nearly a third of all votes in Sunday’s election for the European Parliament.

The right-wing populist party’s 32.4 percent vote share dwarfed all other parties, including Macron’s Renaissance campaigning under the Renew Europe banner, which achieved less than half of RN’s support.

In his broadcast, Macron lamented the rise of nationalism and said the election was “not a good result for the parties defending Europe. I therefore cannot act as if nothing has happened.”

“I have decided to give you the choice of our parliamentary future again by voting. I am therefore dissolving the National Assembly this evening. In a few moments, I will sign the decree convening the legislative elections which will be held on June 30 for the first round, and July 7 for the second,” he told the country.

In a thinly veiled dig at nationalist politicians like Le Pen, who he previously beat twice in presidential elections, Macron accused right-wing “demagogues” of representing the “impoverishment of the French and the downgrading of our country.”

Commenting on the announcement, Le Pen said her party was ready for the fight and called on the French “to come and join us to form a majority around the RN in the service of the only cause that guides our steps: France.”

“We are ready to constitute a new majority for France: I call on the French to join us and get involved,” added RN President Jordan Bardella.