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What Does Putin’s Reelection Mean for the West?

Can Russia lead a return to nation and tradition?


More than 100,000 non-citizens were registered to vote in Pennsylvania’s recent congressional election.

Orban: “Those who do not stop immigration at their borders will be lost.”

State governments continue to protect noncitizen voters.

Will Generation Z Save Us?

New data on how young people think.


If Hungary becomes an immigrant country, “living standards achieved through hard work will be at risk.”

Nationalist parties win 37 percent of the vote and will probably hold a majority in parliament.

Italy Goes to the Polls

Can it solve “the migrant crisis”?


Pennsylvania’s State Department refuses to allow inspection of its voting records.

Italy is now at the forefront of Europe’s migration problem.

Hispanic voters think Dianne Feinstein is not liberal enough.

The strongest Democratic challengers are Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, and Kamala Harris.

Police are investigating graffiti as a hate crime.

There is no chance that issuing this card will increase voter fraud.

They want more non-whites and more women.

What Future for Sweden?

Can the people take back their country?


Immigration is a “social time bomb ready to explode in Italy.”

Judge discovers yet more illegal discrimination.

Hate-crime hoaxer also falsely claimed to be a Canadian citizen.

Whites can’t prosecute fairly.

Planned Parenthood president says white women need to “do better.”

The more Pakistani and Bangladeshi voters, the greater the likelihood of electoral fraud.

The state may lose congressional seats, electoral votes, and federal funds.

For Democrats, protecting DACA is a “moral imperative” and “key to getting votes.”

Three nationalist parties in Italy agree to expel all illegal immigrants.

By nearly 2 to 1, likely voters want an end to chain migration.

Lefty activists are threatening primary challenges to Dianne Feinstein, others.

Trump predicts DACA activists and Hispanics will turn against Democrats.

DACA beneficiaries to Democrats: “All of us, or none of us.”

They could become the new base of Democratic Party.

Senate Republican says that GOP appeals to “to older white men and there are just a limited number of them.”

She is suing the government for $10 million for discrimination against blacks.

Brad Griffin: “The Trump administration dropped us like a hot potato after the election.”

Illegal voters and the flip of a coin may determine who controls Virginia’s House of Delegates.

Nationalist party will control Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Interior.

Blacks expect a a share of power in exchange for their votes.

The Politics of Tribe

When elections become a racial headcount.


Tribal elections often feature vote-buying.

Ninety-six percent of blacks voted for Doug Jones.

New Les Républicains head accused of “running after the Front National.”

But he would keep Italy’s doors “open wide” for genuine war refugees.

“We need whites to come in and help us.”

Sen. Sanders cannot win in 2020 by appealing to white people who “hurt.”

If he resigns, it will be “for reasons of health.”

The Danish Exception

Its immigration and speech policies outshine those of Western Europe.


Because of the Senate, rural voters have too much power.

If whites elect Roy Moore, “No decent human being should ever spend another dime in that state.”

He wants to keep Dems from “abandoning” Hispanics after elections.

“He has a great ability to put his head down and not let criticism get to him.”

A Voice For Our People, AR Classic Article

Frank Borzellieri fights the multicultural monster.