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Kris Kobach wants proof-of-citizenship laws in every state.

Jamelle Bouie laments how close Corey Stewart came to victory.

“Views on immigration, Muslims, and black people” were key indicators of support for Trump among whites.

The latest election results make it possible.

“If Muslims want to send their kids to Islamic schools, let them do so in Bangladesh or Qatar, not here.”

“The United States of America will have to obey the will of our people!”

The party won only between one and ten seats in the 577-member parliament.

DUP wants free movement of both unskilled and highly skilled labor.

UKIP goes the way of BNP.

It welcomes refugees escaping multiculturalism.

Common sense in Britain.

Legislative elections could turn Macron into an instant lame duck.

National Front still aiming to be the primary opposition party.

Another anti-police district attorney in his pocket.

Teacher’s Pet, Frontpage Mag

France’s new president is the embodiment of Europe’s lack of masculinity and assertiveness.

On deporting illegals: “I will do anything short of shooting them.”

68% of working-class whites think the American way of life needs to be protected from foreign influence.

“I still believe in Trumpism. I have no regrets for ferociously supporting him. What choice did we have?”

What’s in Store for the National Front?

Its chances should be even better in 2022.


In 1980, 87.6 percent of electorate was white. In 2016, it was 73.3 percent.

Says she never intended to make a career of politics.

How Berkeley Birthed the Right

The left looks to be starting a fight it can’t finish.


Radical leader has repeatedly told black followers to take what’s theirs.

Macron and Le Pen Square Off

A sharp exchange over radically differing visions.


Movie star endorses Le Pen.

The Trump Effect at Stanford

What the election was like for whining, privileged brats.


Democrat Alliance hopes that punishing Zille will improve their chances in the next election.

“Anti-Racists” battle with police.

Deal lets British officials do immigration checks in Calais.

A new low for American cuckservatives.

Historically unpopular president warns of populism.

Europe’s Rising Islam-Based Political Parties, The Investigative Project on Terrorism

A Dutch Islamic party already has three seats in parliament.

Despite Fillion’s endorsement of Macron.

Le Pen Breaks Through

French voters rebuff the establishment.


Macron is almost certain to win.

“The war that is waged against us is asymmetrical, revolutionary. We cannot afford to lose this war.”

French Muslims tend to vote Communist or Socialist, but support anyone who opposes the National Front.

Is Democracy in a Death Spiral?

Democracy is increasingly seen as a means to an end, not an end in itself.


Colin Flaherty documents Hillary Clinton’s anti-white presidential campaign.

Some polls suggest former supporters of Macron are now leaning right.

German leftist can’t help noticing that Turks lack Western values.

They both became radical Islamists during a stint in prison.

If she makes it to the second round Le Pen would almost certainly lose.

Her party could make enormous gains in the parliamentary elections in June.

Hispanics rarely win office even with system rigged in their favor.

News is likely to boost AfD in upcoming elections.


Identitarians on the march in France.

‘This Century is Ours’, AR Classic Article

The triumphalism of Jorge Ramos.

Is Putin the ‘Preeminent Statesman’ of Our Times?

“Putin has become a symbol of national sovereignty in its battle with globalism.”