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The Benefits of Leftist Violence


It pushes fence-sitters into our arms.


Her support has been increasing for weeks now.

Wilders is worried he will be assassinated like Pim Fortuyn.

Centrist aligns with Socialist because of the “threat and major danger” of the “far-right.”

Meanwhile, French police were raiding her headquarters in Paris.

And Trump plans to do something about it.

She will certainly win the first round of voting, but the second round looks tough.

He lived in Buffalo for years.

Over a third of her own party agrees.

Is the Left Playing with Fire Again?


“Other than despising Trump and his ‘deplorables,’ what great cause unites the left today?”


A diplomat explains what country really interfered in the election.

Almost half of them were in Detroit.

“I want to put France first. I want French companies to hire French people.”

Anyone who claims to be a citizen can vote.

But the second round will be challenging.

RT interviews head of Germany’s populist-nationalist party.

But a deep investigation is still needed.

Hillary is estimated to have won the non-citizen vote four to one.

Things are looking up for Le Pan, Wilders, and other European nationalists.

Wilders is the first good thing to come out of Dutch politics since the death of Pim Fortuyn.

He claimed that no other advanced democracies have voter ID laws.

Pope says nationalism leads to Nazism.

Calling the Election for Obama, AR Classic Article

The start of the media’s love affair with President Obama.

Trump is politically safe so long as he stays in the good graces of whites.

Some are calling it “Blaxit.”

Victor Davis Hanson on the Americans who back Trump.

She has more followers on social media than any other French candidate.

His party is expected to win but may not be able to form a government.

Second-place candidate Francois Fillon is just as good on immigration.

Despite outreach by David Cameron, UK’s Conservative Party as white as American Republicans.

Is Liberal Democracy an Endangered Species?


“European peoples are largely fleeing from the future America preaches and promises.”


David Horowitz thinks Bannon was crucial to Trump’s victory.

White Renegade of the Year—2016


Glenn Beck heads towards well-deserved oblivion.


Will the Democrats Ever Nominate Another White Candidate for President?


Hillary’s failure may be the end of the line for whites.


Europe’s Future — Merkel or Le Pen?


Europe is at a crossroads that may decide its very existence.


Also points out that Hillary’s popular-vote margin was less than her margin in California.

Victor Davis Hanson on the president-elect’s virtues.

Minor celebrities plead for electors to keep Trump from presidency.

Smiley compares black allies of Trump to Booker T. Washington.

Chances of cheating Trump of the presidency look less likely.

Sanders added that most Trump supporters aren’t racist.

Does Politico Publish Fake News?


It certainly got Donald Trump completely wrong.


This is the last hope for Trump opponents.

The Future of Racial Politics, Real Clear Politics

Increasingly multiracial suburbs will play a greater role in national politics.

Trump is “the avatar of white grievance and white resentment.”

“Despite” or “because of”?

There is worry that Breitbart will help tip election to the AfD.

Hispanics Stick Together; Whites Attack Their Own


How elites explain voting behavior.


Last year’s choice was Angela Merkel.

Michelle Malkin on the radical past of this CNN darling.