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He claims Google tends to push fence-sitters Democrat.

Dhimmi mentality.

Thierry Baudet: “We won because the country needs us.”

They want to win the support of “patriotically minded migrants.”

Also, “white supremacists” are as great a national danger as ISIS.

Bringing in the nationalist party will help “represent voters widely across counties and political preferences.”

Why Nationalists Like Andrew Yang

Is he better than Donald Trump?


He “totally understands” that voters may object to him for being a white man.

How Middle America Is to Be Dispossessed

Left’s plan to “enlarge and alter the U.S. electorate so as to put victory . . . far out of reach for national Republicans.”


She says the New Deal was “racist.”

It hasn’t divided the conservative vote; it has added to it.

A “demographic optimist” makes the case.

The measure applies only to local elections.

She says Democrats wanted to keep power in the hands of those old white men.

Kansas City is one of the largest cities without a street or major building bearing King’s name.

“Far-right” party wins 18 percent of votes.

Her party is polling a close second to Macron’s party in run-up to the May elections.

“We’re gonna be forgotten people. It’s an insane, insane process.”

Two black women will face off in the election in April.

Six in ten blacks favor reparations.

He was accepting an Academy Award for “BlacKkKlansman.”

New policy may include “permanent protection” for DACA beneficiaries.

Being the descendant of a Jamaican slave is not the same as being a descendant of an American slave.

A ‘defense’ of the Reagan strategy.

Fast-tracked case will be heard in late April.

Democrats, some Republicans, will oppose the declaration.

It’s the “biggest issue” in “immigrant communities.”

The case will go to the Supreme Court.

“It’s politically unacceptable for a Democratic candidate to not have a diverse staff.”

Her plan is to “lift people up” who make less than $100,000.

HBCUs are enlisted in the politics of personal destruction.

She also directed other states to pull their troops out of New Mexico.

Cuomo wants to keep the public from seeing who “disparately” commits crimes.

Virginia’s governor has no “moral or rhetorical credibility” in the “struggle against white supremacy.”

He timed his announcement to coincide with the first day of Black History Month.

It’s unclear how many cast ballots.

“Spiritual” in this case means $100 billion in reparations.

Cherokees say the use of DNA to prove you’re an Indian is “inappropriate and wrong.”

Joe Biden’s shifting positions on busing and housing.

Trump signed the omnibus spending bill because Ryan promised him a wall.

Hispanics will be the largest minority.

Abrams’ Ascent, Unz Review

Follower of the “reverse Sailer strategy” will deliver the Dems’ SOTU response.

Latino Group Sues to Stop Texas from Scrubbing Voter Rolls, League of United Latin American Citizens

It’s racist to ask people who voted to prove they were citizens.

There’s no evidence if you don’t look for it.

Spain’s government wants to rob nationalists of their core campaign issue.

The effort to get non-whites to leave the Democratic Party.

White women “must commit to amplifying their voices.”

She chose Martin Luther King Jr. Day to announce her candidacy.

She’s demanding “an explanation.”

She thought being Chinese gave her a connection to the community that the Sikh did not have.