Posted on January 16, 2024

Joy Reid Blames Nikki Haley’s Third-Place Iowa Finish on Racism

Ken Meyer, Mediaite, January 16, 2024

Joy Reid determined that Nikki Haley has little to no chance of winning the Republican Party’s 2024 nomination after how much of the GOP’s xenophobia and racism has been exposed by Donald Trump.


It’s the elephant in the room. She’s still a brown lady that’s got to try to win in a party that is deeply anti-immigrant, and which accepts the notion you can say immigrants are poisoning the blood of our country. {snip}

I don’t see how she becomes the nominee of that party with Donald Trump still around. I can’t picture it happening. Maybe it could happen. Ron DeSantis’ only argument for staying in it is he’s the white guy, that he can still make the appeal to white evangelicals.