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Should white men be allowed to make a show with black slaves in it?

She used the word in jest in a private Twitter message.

Critics said the same about “Gettysburg.”

And a money-raising scam, too.

The madness at Kings College, London, never ends.

One even called the speech “alt-right.”

They perpetuate the myth that races are genetically distinct . . .

Liberal critiques the $PLC.

College “is committed deeply to diversity and inclusiveness.”

What is Racism?, AR Classic Article

Everyone talks about ‘racism’ but no one ever defines it.

Absurdity at Evergreen State College.

Washington Redskins are now more likely to be allowed to keep their name.

Prof: “Being called a racist is the worse slur that anyone could possibly make against me.”

Jurors would be told, “We all have unconscious biases.”

They want criminal sanctions for “cultural appropriation.”

Not enough non-whites are in her new movie.

No Jordans or Air Force Ones . . .

Same study finds that Asians are disciplined less than whites . . .

Masahiro Tanaka has been playing in the US since 2014.

Man who defeated Marine Le Pen is already accused of racism.

Appellate panel threw out perp’s argument that the death penalty is racially biased.

The vendors were white.

Blacks and whites have different opinions.

Whites must never talk about monkeys.

Some of his accusers are black.

Senator Cornyn uses “political power in ways that continually harm marginalized and oppressed people.”

Until then everyone thought he was white.

Article asked if race is a social construct, why can’t Dolezal be black?


She was working on a story about racist white policeman.

Berkeley mayor says Milo and Ann Coulter could be picking on him because he’s Hispanic.

The police had to be called.

Professor says language isn’t “racist,” since 60% of its speakers are black.

The National Gypsy-Traveller-Roma Council is outraged.

Intent is irrelevant.

Kentucky University students want open access for all blacks.

They say country is a “colonial construct,” and must be abolished.

“Hate group” is Center for Immigration Studies.

Filipino man is referred to as, “my weight.”

Many claimed that as a white woman, it was not her place to say that.

Zuma claims it’s the opposition that’s racist.

Studying whites could lead to not studying blacks, critics say.

Blacks are angry.

NAACP discovers new form of racism.

They charge that if the victims were white the police would have saved them.

“Black and brown bodies who typically wear hooped earrings.”

South African Human Rights Commission may soon investigate.

Center for Immigration Studies is now an SPLC “hate group.”

Hispanics don’t want “white art” in their neighborhood.

Daily Caller publishes Peter Brimelow.