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Inequality = bias.

Harvard is still profiting from this slave’s suffering.

Coders may be guilty of unconscious bias.

Sensitivity training to become part of statewide 4-H programs.

They’re also suing the unions that represent them.

“Women of color” are mere sidekicks.

The reasons the admissions offices give are “unacceptable.”

No Defense Against ‘Racism’

Even marrying a black will not save you.


“Object detection” is harder when the objects are dark.

Black MP says white people’s charity is a remnant of colonialism.

Racism. Where Do You Fall?, racismscale.weebly.com

“Identify your own bias and help others explore theirs.”

Too many white characters.

And she does “the dirty work of powerful white men.”

She remains convinced that someone was behind it.

Once you’re called a racist, you can’t win.

“Hegemonic whiteness,” to be exact.

Things haven’t changed for black students since 1962.

Some students thought the cowboy’s lasso was a noose.

You have to be careful how you celebrate Black History Month.

Student: Administrators are trying to “cleanse our ethnic beauty.”

He has come to realize that it was “insensitive.”

His presence would “detract” from a “civil rights event” taking place on campus.

Discrimination against hair styles will now be considered racial discrimination.

A university police force would be “antagonistic” toward non-whites.

Black student lectures on the pernicious “idea of the white man.”

“We got the guillotine, you better run!”

More “optics” over substance.

The worst the group did was “tomahawk chop” to the beat of the Indian’s drum.

Nooses are “racially insensitive” no matter the context.

Now there will be a PTSA meeting focused on “tolerance, racism, and bias.”

Some months, you’re not allowed to write about white people who support Trump.

Smokey Robinson: “Anyone who is upset is stupid.”

HBCUs are enlisted in the politics of personal destruction.

Walmart says the policy was “data-driven.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar makes her pitch to defund ICE.

Race Discrimination Commissioner thinks apps should ban those who express racial preferences.

One of three SJWs charged with calling Hispanics “Nazis” and kicking them.

“This might seem like an innocuous comic scene . . . .”

Black man thinks his self-absorption should be indulged.

Democrats’ America: The Heart of Darkness

“Can people lead a republic that they have come to see as a sinkhole of racism?”


It won’t be enough to hire more black coaches; the league has to acknowledge its racism.

“It’s OK to be white” is “offensive.”

Nice white people continue to live segregated lives and reproduce racist outcomes.

Whites’ wearing dreadlocks is a form of “passive oppression.”

Canadian diplomat says Chinese “sort of threw a whole bunch of things at the wall in the hope that something would stick.”

It’s another excuse to pull over blacks who are “minding their own business.”

Placard reads, “This is an unreinforced masonry building.”

How the BBC Manufactured ‘Hate’

An insider’s story.


Some white cops have even referred to non-white neighborhoods as “ghettoes”!

No greater example of the “soft inertia of white supremacy” exists than when a white man “decides to die.”