Posted on April 3, 2024

Opposing Trans Athletes in Girls’ Sports Is ‘White Supremacist Patriarchy:’ National Organization for Women

Lindsay Kornick, Fox News, April 2, 2024

The National Organization for Women (NOW) no longer supports women, several people declared after a controversial social media post.

NOW responded to the news of former and current college athletes filing a lawsuit against the NCAA, accusing it of violating their Title IX rights by allowing transgender swimmer Lia Thomas to compete in the women’s championship back in 2022.

According to the women’s rights group, actions like these were the work of “White supremacist patriarchy,” rather than a concern for equality.

“Repeat after us: Weaponizing womenhood against other women is white supremacist patriarchy at work. Making people believe there isn’t enough space for trans women in sports is white supremacist patriarchy at work,” the post read.

This response faced swift backlash, particularly for women athletes advocate Riley Gaines, who helped file the lawsuit.

“I’ve never seen so many oppression buzzwords in one sentence. Apparently, advocating for fair sport makes me a white supremacist. I wonder if my attorney will agree. (in case you were wondering, NOW stands for National Organization of Women lol),” the host of Outkick’s Gaines for Girls podcast wrote.

NOW’s post later received a Community Note claiming that transgender athletes are barred from competing in sports.