Posted on July 3, 2024

Black Christian Student Sues UCLA for Racial Discrimination After ‘White Libs’ Block Him From Campus

Hannah Grossman and Maria Lencki, Fox News, July 2, 2024

A UCLA student is speaking out for the first time after suing UCLA for racial discrimination, among other counts, alleging that he was blocked from entering certain parts of the campus because his African American identity was mistaken as Israeli, according to court documents.

Milagro Jones, an African American and Christian student at UCLA, gained online attention after anti-Israel protesters — who he called “White libs” — blocked him from entering certain parts of the campus. He sued UCLA, as well as the individuals alleged to have been involved in the encampment in May.


The lawsuit alleged that the anti-Israel encampment targeted him over his race “because he is an African American and was mistaken for an ‘Israeli agitator.’”


The lawsuit referred to the campus protesters as “violent antisemites” and “Campus Terrorists.”

The lawsuit also alleged that UCLA failed to enforce its policies by allowing the encampment to remain for days, leading to the alleged incident with Jones. Therefore, the university, the lawsuit argued, had culpability in the matter.

It accused UCLA of causing the event “as a direct and proximate result of Defendant University’s negligence and breach of its duty of care to provide a safe and sane environment.”